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What is Crawl Ratio, and Why Does it Matter?

What Is Crawl Ratio For SEO? Crawl Ratio is the percentage of unique URLs in your website structure that have been crawled by a search engine robot. It's uncommon for Google to crawl entire websites within a month’s time (30 days). So how can you determine Crawl Ratio for your website? We explain in Part 2 of our series on Crawl Budget.
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The Top SEO Challenges of 2017: Meetup Highlights

The first Botify Meetup of 2017 was a big success! Our panel of experts discussed the biggest SEO challenges for the coming year, and shared how they plan to tackle each one. From AMP and the Mobile-First Index to Voice Search and JavaScript Crawl, they covered it all. Here are the Top SEO Challenges of 2017!
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Google Confirms SEOs Should Control Their Crawl Budget

In Google's latest blog post by Gary Illyes, it was confirmed that Googlebot has limited resources to crawl each site. More importantly, they confirmed that SEOs can and should be optimizing this crawl budget! Learn how to optimize your crawl budget in 2017
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2016 in Review: An Infographic!

A lot can happen in 12 months at Botify. Here's a look back at all we achieved in 2016 to be the best technical SEO tool in the industry, and a peek at what's to come in 2017!
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The Top 5 Technical SEO KPIs (To Get Started...)

SEO is, by nature, constantly evolving. The trick to tracking that change is in data-driven analysis of site structure and search engine behavior. How do you measure the state of your SEO? What metrics are critical for monitoring progress and benchmarking change? Here are the Top 5 SEO KPIs to watch.
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