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Breaking News! Introducing Botify’s Structured Data Optimizations

Breaking News! Introducing Botify’s Structured Data Optimizations

4th January 2018Kevin BartleyKevin Bartley

Happy new year, SEOs!

2017 was a great year for new Botify features. But 2018 is going to be even more exciting as we travel to brave new SEO frontiers. We wanted to start the new year out with a bang on the features front. That’s why we’re releasing Botify’s structured data optimizations just a few days into 2018.

As companies search for more ways to stand out in the SERPs, Google suggests increased prioritization of rich data (i.e. structured data). In the last weeks of 2017, Google released a Rich Results Testing Tool to help webmasters test rich results on their site.

Google’s Rich Results Testing Tool is a great initiative, and one that all SEOs should get behind. But for enterprise SEOs that are responsible for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pages, reviewing structured data at scale is a daunting task. But today, Botify is answering the calls of our customers by becoming the first platform to analyze structured data at an enterprise scale.

Now you can control and optimize rich results on the largest scale!
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2018: The Year of Structured Data & Rich Results

Structured data enables your web pages to communicate better with search engines by telling them exactly what content is on the page. For instance, if you’re selling this season’s hottest new boots, you can use structured data to tell the search engine what they are (product), if you have a killer deal (offer), and how much customers are already loving them (rating).

Structured data makes it easier for Google to understand, process, and present page information to searchers. In turn, Google enables rich results on SERPs for pages that properly implement rich data. Rich results are search results that go beyond the standard blue link. This allows for prominent displays of ratings, product details, corporate contacts, reviews, job postings, and more.

Those rich results can lead to more SERP space and higher CTR. The increased visibility can, in turn, entice searchers to click through to your website, business, or service. When used correctly, structured data is essentially a competitive edge over other businesses on the SERPs.

For instance, which would you rather be: the restaurant with a five star rating, or the one with no rating at all? Now imagine that on an enterprise scale. 500, 5,000, 25,000 restaurants with a five star rating. That can add up.

Go Big or Go Home: Botify is first SEO platform to analyze structured data at scale

Botify now collects and analyzes structured data for all crawled pages – up to 25 million pages per crawl. Botify customers don’t need to adjust or tinker with settings. The extraction is automatically completed on each crawled page. With this unprecedented volume, we’ve given our customers structured data optimizations on an enterprise scale that was once unimaginable.

Structured Data Types within Botify:

  • News
  • Product
  • Offers
  • Restaurant
  • Postal Address
  • Job Posting
  • Ratings
  • Date
  • Recipe
  • Breadcrumb

Botify even allows you to break down subcategories within the structured data types. For job postings, extract the job title, industry, education requirements, organization, salary, and more.

For restaurants, extract the phone number, price range, name, and category. Understand, for each page, if and how your structured data schema is fulfilling all the subcategories that Google will consider and utilize for rich results.
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Harness Your Structured Data with Botify

Use Botify’s power of analysis to optimize your structured data, allowing you to:

  • Discover structured data errors automatically
  • Export URLs with structured data issues to collate all pages that cannot generate rich results
  • Crawl competitors’ sites to gain key information about their structured data use
  • Segment and filter structured data like any other KPI in the Botify platform
  • Combine structured data with 500+ SEO KPIs to drive strategic SEO decisions

Botify lets you to manage your entire structured data strategy, allowing you to control and optimize all aspects of the rich results process. You can even use your structured data as KPIs within the Botify platform to identify technical SEO trends for groups of URLs that share parameters.

Get Rich: Use Botify’s Structured Data to Bolster Rich Results

The holidays are over, but we saved one last present for SEOs who want to take total control over their presence on the SERPs. For enterprise sites, Botify is the only platform that can analyze structured data, and influence rich results, at scale. Botify not only helps you optimize your structured data, but it also utilizes this data as a tool to help you make wide-scale and previously unseen SEO optimizations on your website.

Who doesn’t want to get rich? The time is now. Unleash the raw potential of your structured data. Contact your Customer Success Manager or schedule a demo of the Botify platform to learn more.

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