Botify Intelligence

Prescriptive Actions, Confident Outcomes 

Save time, mitigate risk, and cut through complexity — that’s what SEOs get with Botify Intelligence. Drawing from your Botify Analytics data, Botify Intelligence helps SEOs not only protect the traffic they already have, but automatically surface which actions will help them grow it.

What's inside?


Go from “Where should I start?” to “Let’s get to work!” with our prioritized list of SEO actions. ActionBoard analyzes the thousands of metrics we know about your website to identify and prioritize the most important actions to take. No more manually combing through your data.

Not only does ActionBoard save you time, but it gives you confidence. When you have the data to support that your project will have a positive impact on traffic and revenue, you’re sure to get the buy-in you need.

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SEOs who work on sites with millions of pages need a solution that helps them ensure nothing falls between the cracks. That’s AlertPanel.

Our early warning system lets SEOs know when something has happened that could impact traffic, and when you know about issues early, you can address them before they have a chance to negatively impact your traffic and revenue. You can think of AlertPanel as your SEO safety net, giving every SEO stakeholder peace of mind.

What you get

Save Time with Prescribed
SEO Actions

Instead of spending your time wading through your data, you get an automatically prioritized to-do list.

Make the Highest-Impact Decisions

Embark on SEO projects with confidence, knowing, based on the data, that your changes will have a positive uplift in organic traffic — something your executives will love as well.

Mitigate Risk for Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing that you’ll be alerted if something needs your attention, allowing you to fix it before it causes traffic and revenue loss.

Prescribed Actions You Can Trust

Because the alerts and prescribed actions in Botify Intelligence are based on your own site’s data from Botify Analytics, you can trust them to point you in the right direction.

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