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How Can Botify Help You?

Meet Adam and discover how Botify can help him improve his SEO

How Does Botify Work for You?

We track every SEO shortcoming so you can spend your time optimizing your website (and celebrating results!)

How Can Botify Help You?

Unlimited Analysis
Botify world record: 150,000,000 URLs for a single website. So far, we haven't found the website that will challenge our crawler!

Share and Collaborate
We know that you're not working alone on SEO, so we created easy to use sharing features and a beautiful plugin to highlight every single SEO issue.

Track and Compare
SEO is a serious matter. Identify every possible improvement, hunt down bugs, compare your crawl results as often as you want - automated recurring analyses make it easy.

Geek settings
Customize your analysis in details with our Advanced Settings (we tried to figure out all twisted - thus important - options!)

Report Overview
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No Matter Your Website’s Size

Botify simply works. No limitation.

We Like Them All:
Small, Medium, and Very VERY Large Websites

Industry Leader or working in your room
You may be working for a world industry leader like Expedia or managing your sister's online store, who is making hand-made jewellery in Paris: Botify will provide you with SEO actionable data!

No matter your website's size, Botify works just as well!
Botify is a cloud-based solution, removing all the limitations of desktop software – it can run any time, you can check your reports anywhere, and - thanks to our scaling architecture - launch powerful computing from the tiniest laptop.

Organic Visits
(Screenshot: Organic Visits)

Awards and Achievements

Here is just a selection of the Awards we have received recently.

Real Humans Behind the Machine

We love what we do and we’re here to help.

We Are (Not) Robots. We're here to help!

Real humans behind the machine
Botify is not only a fantastic robot but also a fantastic team with high-level SEO experts.

Questions or feedbacks about Botify? Let us know!
The application should have no more secrets for you. But if you do have questions, we’re there to help. Just tell us: we provide 24/24 support… with passion!


This may be the beginning of a rewarding relationship!

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Anthony Tuite
Head of SEO at Barracuda Digital (Search agency)
Guillaume Limare
Marketing Director at Oscaro (Ecommerce)
Jerome Schorgen
SEO Manager at Evaneos (Travel Industry)
Yann Sauvageon
Head of Search at Synodiance (Search agency)

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