Botify Activation

Autonomous Execution, Faster Results

Turn your data and insights into actions — without the need for development resources. By harnessing thousands of data points and machine learning intelligence, Botify Activation helps you implement impactful search-driven optimizations and get more of your valuable content found.

What's inside?


Get more of your important content crawled by serving faster pages to search engine bots.

Serving pages faster not only means all critical pages are found, but more content is discovered, indexed, and driving sustainable revenue growth through organic search.

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Implement organic search optimizations within minutes – without solely relying on your engineering team. 

Organic search teams can now own the end-to-end optimization process. Act on insights at scale and test in real-time to identify the most impactful optimizations for your website.

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Generate and submit optimized sitemaps quickly and easily with FastIndex.

Prioritize the content search engines see to optimize your crawl budget and ensure your most valuable pages are found. Remove the manual process of sitemap generation to focus on other important organic search projects.

What you get

Say Goodbye to Bottlenecks and
Get More Done

One of the key factors holding SEO teams back is the struggle to get the resources they need to implement their recommendations. Botify Activation removes this barrier.

Save Resources by
Automating Manual Tasks

Get more done with fewer resources by automating manual tasks, allowing SEOs more time to focus on the initiatives that need their expertise.

Faster Pages to
Fix Your Crawl Budget Issues

Deliver faster pages to search engine bots to get more of your critical pages crawled, ranking, and driving traffic and revenue through organic search.

Implement Your Organic
Search Roadmap Autonomously

Optimize your site for search engines within minutes — without violating search engine guidelines.

Get Your Most Valuable
Content Indexed, Fast

Quickly generate and submit sitemaps to help search engines focus on the content you care about most.

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