Botify Activation

Automate Tasks, Maximize Impact

Botify Activation will help SEOs streamline and simplify manual SEO tasks, saving them time and resources. With manual tasks automated, SEOs can reallocate their time toward strategic initiatives that need their expertise.

What's inside?

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FastIndex addresses a big problem for enterprise websites — search engines aren’t finding many of their critical, high-value pages. Through FastIndex, SEOs now have ways to quickly and easily submit new, updated, and other important pages to search engines for indexing, ensuring none of their critical content is ever hidden.

One component of FastIndex is Botify’s integration with the Bing API, which allows our customers to push their content directly to Bing, drastically reducing the need for search engines to crawl your site to check for new and updated content.

Like its name suggests, FastIndex helps get your important content indexed quicker where it can be found by searchers who need what you offer.

What you get

Save Resources by
Automating Manual Tasks

Get more done with fewer resources by automating manual tasks, allowing SEOs more time to focus on the initiatives that need their expertise.

Get Your Important
Content Indexed, Fast

Easily submit your important pages directly to search engines for fast indexing.

See More Traffic and Revenue
from Your Critical Pages

Get more of your critical pages in the index where they can start driving traffic to your website and revenue for your business.

We’d love to show you how Botify Activation will protect SEO’s time (and their sanity!) by zipping through manual tasks. Reach out and request your demo today!

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