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Sport 2000 Optimizes Organic SEO to Stay Competitive


Increase in conversions in 8 months on French domain


Increase in traffic in 8 months on the French domain


Increase in impressions in 8 months on the french domain pages ranking for non-brand terms

Sport 2000 is the third largest distributor of sporting and leisure gear in France, thanks to a vast network of stores.


From an SEO point of view, the company’s French e-commerce site sought to improve organic search not for just its products with high searchability, but also against other competitive sites that have larger catalogs of products.

With only two people involved in the administration and SEO management of all merchant sites, and a limited budget, Sport 2000 focused on its brand sites as well as e-retailers and marketplaces on paid search (notably on Google Shopping), and prioritized improvements to SEO, including crawl time, impressions, clicks, and conversions.


The e-commerce service sought to find a solution that could automate as many
organic search tasks as possible could be easily connected to their systems, and fit their budget requirements. Jérôme Joire, the e-commerce manager, turned to Botify to have a robot that does a lot of the work that automates optimizations, that analyzes SEO positions for the sake of improvement.

“Today, to stand out in paid search, you have to do well in organic search. And when you compete with big adversaries, you have to be smart and step up your SEO,” he said.

“We have found experts who support us with suggestions, to continuously work on improving our position, monthly directives, and a quarterly report to enlighten us on progress.”

Jerome Joire,
E-Commerce Director at Sport 2000


After a rapid implementation of the Botify solution on the Sport 2000 website, the e-commerce team took stock 8 months later with very encouraging results, including:

  • +21% pages crawled by Google
  • +22% in pages indexed by Google
  • +33% in impressions
  • +38% additional traffic
  • +72% in conversion rate