Botify Analytics

Unified Data, Unlimited Analysis

Data from every phase of the search process, from crawling to conversions, at your fingertips in record time. With this much data at your disposal, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. And with data-backed recommendations, you’re sure to get the buy-in you need.

What's inside?

Botify Analytics gives SEOs full-funnel insights about the websites they manage.


Crawl your site at 250 URLs/sec. and render your JavaScript at 100 URLs/sec.

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Import your log files to see how search engines crawl your site.

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Unlimited query tracking, sourced from real searcher data.

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Integrate with your website analytics to feed in traffic, bounce rate, conversions, and revenue.

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What you get

There's No Analysis
You Can't Do

Personalize your crawl to meet your strategic needs with virtual robots.txt, HTML extraction, segmentation, canonicals, and more.

See Your Website Through a
Search Engine’s Eyes

Engage in total crawl accuracy with JavaScript-rendered analysis, real content quality, and multi-device evaluation.

Unified Data for
Never-Before-Seen Insights

By unifying log, crawl, real keywords, and traffic data, you’ll be able to diagnose any fluctuation, as well as see the full impact of any site change.

Finally Prove the
ROI of Your SEO Efforts

See organic search as the customer acquisition channel it is by connecting conversion and revenue data to your SEO actions.

Unmatched scalability. Superior speed. Revenue-driving insights.
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