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Execute your organic search
roadmap faster with PageWorkers

What you get

Consumers are out there searching for your products and services. However, making your website stand out in the search results can be challenging. For many businesses, the execution of their organic search roadmap is a significant hurdle.

Often marketing and organic search teams struggle to prove the ROI of the organic search optimizations they need to implement across their website, as they must compete for engineering resources. As a result, organic search changes take months or even years to be made.

Meet PageWorkers, a new suite of automation tools that allows you to make safe search-driven optimizations to your website at scale – without solely relying on your engineering team.

Accelerate your

Reduce your organic search backlog to dramatically accelerate your speed-to-market. Reduce your SEO implementation costs by automating the execution of your organic search roadmap.

Empower your organic
search team

Save your engineering team’s time. Equip your organic search team with automation tools to own the entire search optimization process, from insights to action.

Grow your traffic

Make instant changes to content across multiple web pages to improve your CTR and accelerate your traffic growth.

Fix thousands of URLs
within minutes

Easily replace or remove URLs, add nofollow tags and resolve redirect chains across your entire website directly from Botify to ultimately improve your crawl budget.

Test to see what
drives the best ROI

Discover what optimizations work best to prove the value to your engineering team.

Access a unified
search platform

Act on insights within minutes by implementing your own optimization ideas or recommendations from Botify Intelligence. Track your success with Botify Analytics.

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