As the leader in organic search innovation, Botify is trusted by more than 500 of the world’s most visible brands, including Sephora, Fnac Darty, Carrefour, Crate & Barrel, Puma, and The New York Times, all of whom have succeeded in leveraging organic search for exponential, long-term results and revenue growth.


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What our clients say

“Botify’s organic search expertise has been a key component in the success of our partnership.”

Esteve Castells

Head of SEO at Adevinta

"Après un an de collaboration avec Botify, les résultats sur le SEO ont été remarquables ! PageWorkers nous a aidés à la fois à améliorer rapidement et de manière autonome la structure de nos pages et à renforcer chaque page créée, nous permettant de nous positionner efficacement dans les résultats de recherche."

Celya Marnay

Directrice Marketing Digital at i-Run

“Botify provides the most complete insights and recommendations for our site performance.”

Mardya Wandry

Head of SEO at Bukalapak

“Botify was the obvious choice… No other platform could handle our site.”

Antoine Cucherat

SEO Manager at Mister Auto

Botify becomes an expert extension of your own team, helping you make the changes that will have the most impact for the business.”

Juan Campos

Digital Experience Specialist at Medibank

“PageWorkers gave us our independence. It’s such an easy tool to use. Updates to our enterprise e-commerce site are made quickly and at scale, no engineering required. We can make optimizations, test them, and prove their impact to get fixes hard-coded.”

Jerry Hughes

Digital & SEO Marketing Manager, GAME

“Botify identified what needed fixing in the backend, and within about 2 weeks we witnessed an increase in conversions from organic search.

Abby Okon

E-commerce Manager at Furla Japan

“Botify is a tool we need to do actual work and to do root cause analysis for SEO. It fulfills the needs has on all sides.”

Matthijs Jansen

SEO Manager at Levi’s

“What makes Botify different is not just the tools but the team, helping us to comprehend, and sharing their expertise and knowledge”

Edward Kilian Suwigno

CMO, Blibli

“We’ve seen tremendous improvements across our technical SEO efforts with Botify, which has been instrumental to achieving our overall SEO traffic and revenue goals.

Jacob Hurwith

Director of SEO, Technical at Recurrent Ventures

“We optimized 50 to 100 event pages in a few clicks, this would have taken a long time if we had to do it manually. With PageWorkers, it happened in 1 month.”

Stéphanie de Souza

SEO Manager at Smartbox

“We have found experts who support us with suggestions, to continuously work on improving our position, monthly directives, and a quarterly report to enlighten us on progress.”

Jerome Joire

E-Commerce Director at Sport 2000

“Botify demystified SEO for the senior leadership, providing a new way to look at our site. Now, we can evaluate the entire site and get a single comprehensive picture of how we’re performing.”

Pundi S Sriram

Chief Product Officer at The Hindu

“Botify is our go-to tool to check daily site health daily, and long-term content improvement metrics. We can solve complex issues easily.”

SEO Team

at Trendyol

Botify Advantage gave us the ability of 10x engineers to make changes quickly, enabling us to be more experimental and ambitious with our optimizations.

Rob Deichert

CRO at TuneIn

“Botify helps provide clear and comprehensive visibility into our web page performance that we didn’t have before. It offers powerful monitoring – especially across high-volume websites.”

Esther Kaltenbach

Senior SEO Manager at Xing