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Xing Raises Website Visibility and Engagement

Xing, a leading online business network serving the DACH region, quickly evolved to support both internal and user generated content on its website.


The company, however, didn’t have enough resources to ensure coverage of its comprehensive organic search goals.

With over 20 different product teams, each with varying levels of organic search experience, supporting the strategy from a consistent, centralized perspective was impossible.

As a result, too many pages that had little user value were being indexed, while other high-value pages went un-indexed, delaying critical content from being
featured for several days, impacting traffic–and costs– for months.


To solve these challenges, Xing leveraged Botify Analytics and Botify Intelligence.

After analyzing its website data with Botify Analytics, Xing had a better understanding which pages were being indexed, and which other optimizations it needed to prioritize.

This not only enabled them to quality score pages, but also support its internal linking strategies and working sitemaps so they could deindex old pages faster. Now they are able to set pages that are old or low quality as no index, so they aren’t being sent to search engines.

With Botify Intelligence, XING now has the ability to protect website traffic with proactive alerts, preventing any negative long-term impact and lost revenue. The company also has clear and comprehensive visibility into entire site performance from the 1000+ metrics and monitoring capabilities of Botify Intelligence based on regular crawls of their site pages. And by enabling XING to automatically analyze the page performance of their high volume website they can now quickly correct issues and increase the chances of surfacing the right content at the right time.

“Botify helps provide clear and comprehensive visibility into our web page performance that we didn’t have before. It offers powerful monitoring – especially across high-volume websites.”

Esther Kaltenbach,
Senior SEO Manager at Xing


“By using Botify, we can now easily identify and quickly rectify low-quality,
duplicate or error pages, which provide no user value and negatively impact both organic search results and brand value over the short – and long-term,” Kaltenbach said.