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Get your important content found
& driving value with SpeedWorkers

What you get

Right now, consumers are not finding your most important pages. Why? Over half of large websites are missed by search engines, which means loss of quality traffic and revenue for your business. Ensuring your valuable content is found is critical, yet with so many important pages out there and many built with slow-to-load features, search engines must prioritize which pages to crawl.

Building an internal solution to fix this can take years and require resources you may not have on hand. Introducing SpeedWorkers, our advanced search experience manager, is the most effective way to ensure search engines find your website content properly.

Accelerate full content indexation with SpeedWorkers by serving fully-rendered pages to search engines. Fully control your inventory, reduce site bloat, and remove uncertainty and volatility of search bot hits.

With Botify’s SpeedWorkers, rest assured that your website’s important pages are seen by search engines and potential customers, resulting in increased revenue for your business.

A solution for your
crawl budget issues

By serving fully-rendered pages to search engine bots, SpeedWorkers eliminates one of the most common reasons your content isn’t crawled – it simply takes too much time for search engines to get through it all. Faster pages for bots mean more of your important content is crawled, indexed, and driving value for your business.

Make sure your valuable content
isn’t missed

When you pre-render your content for search engine bots, it also means there’s no risk of them missing your JavaScript-loaded content and links — a common problem facing modern SEO.

Help search engines find your pages
with no development required

Unlike server-side rendering, which can be expensive and time and resource-intensive, SpeedWorkers requires no development or maintenance – and there’s no need to touch any of the code on your site.

Protect your
website infrastructure

Remove the uncertainty of search bot hits, volatility, and outages. SpeedWorkers will handle all bot requests to your origin servers to reduce server costs and mitigate bot-related load issues.

Save money and
drive cost efficiencies

By rendering your content for bots and not visitors, you can reduce costs and optimize your spend.

A direct solution for
increasing organic search revenue

By driving more qualified visitors to your website, you can impact your bottom line and deliver a return on investment.

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