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Get your important content found
& driving value with SpeedWorkers

What you get

JavaScript-heavy websites can cause pages to load slowly. The slower your pages load, the fewer pages search engine bots will be able to crawl, which means fewer pages indexed, ranking, and driving traffic and revenue for your business. 

JavaScript loaded content and links can also be missed by search engines, since bots have trouble processing JavaScript successfully or immediately. 

But solutions to these problems can take time and resources you don’t have and may not be reliable. Enter our dynamic rendering solution SpeedWorkers, the easier way to serve your complete pages to bots, faster.

A solution for your
crawl budget issues

By serving fully-rendered pages to search engine bots, dynamic rendering eliminates one of the most common reasons your content isn’t crawled – it simply takes too much time for search engines to get through it all. Faster pages for bots means more of your important content is crawled, indexed, and driving value for your business.

Make sure your JavaScript content
isn’t missed

When you pre-render your content for search engine bots, it also means there’s no risk of them missing your JavaScript-loaded content and links — a common problem facing modern SEO.

Solve the bot problem with
no development required

Unlike server-side rendering, which can be time and resource-intensive, SpeedWorkers does it all out of the box; there’s no development or maintenance required, and there’s no need to touch any of the code on your site.

Keep your development team
focused on the user

Engineering teams place a high priority on changes that will benefit the experience of human visitors, but often have to worry whether those changes will negatively affect the site’s performance in search engines. With SpeedWorkers, your developers can stay focused on UX — we’ll take care of the bots.

Save money with
reduced rendering costs

Dynamic rendering is cheaper because you’re only paying to render content for bots, not your visitors as well.

A quick win for
increasing organic search revenue

With no development work required and the set-it-and-forget-it nature of SpeedWorkers, you’ll be able to quickly get more of your important content in search engines where your potential customers can find it.

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