The Enterprise SEO Platform At the Core of Your Digital Strategy

In a world where over half the pages on enterprise websites are invisible to search engines, your brand deserves a solution that turns all your valuable pages into revenue-driving content.

We built Botify for just that.

Put organic search at the core of your digital strategy and unlock more value from your most profitable customer acquisition channel with Botify’s full-funnel methodology and integrated platform.

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Our Methodology

At the heart of our platform is a simple truth — it all starts with a crawl.

If search engines like Google aren’t crawling your pages, they won’t be added to the index where they can rank, be clicked, and earn revenue for your business.

In other words, search is a process with a clear beginning and end. Enterprise brands need a solution for optimizing their performance throughout that entire process, and Botify delivers.

Our Platform

When you take a full-funnel methodology and layer on intelligent recommendations and automated actions, you have everything you need to turn organic search into your organization’s top performance marketing channel.

Botify Analytics
Botify Intelligence
Botify Activation

Botify Analytics


With 1,000 metrics from every phase of search – crawl, render, index, rank, and convert – Botify Analytics provides the most comprehensive data map in the industry. There’s nothing you won’t know about your website.

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Botify Intelligence


Because we’ve surfaced your site’s critical data, Botify Intelligence, our suite of tools powered by our machine-learning algorithm, is able to tell you exactly what you should focus on and what impact those optimizations will have.

Get alerts to help you protect your traffic and prescribed SEO actions to help you grow it, saving you time and giving you greater peace of mind.

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Botify Activation


With all your critical SEO data at your fingertips and a list of prioritized actions, there’s just one thing left to do — the work itself! Botify Activation gives SEOs the autonomy to implement their SEO projects, and helps them do it faster, easier, and in some cases, automatically! Save on resources and spend more time on strategic initiatives that need your expertise.

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Professional Services

Want to go deeper with Botify? We can help with that. Our specialists have a deep knowledge of both Botify and SEO, helping you find and interpret the data you need. Whether you’ve got an upcoming site migration, want to understand the impact of JavaScript on your site, need to integrate your BI tool with Botify, or simply need the extra bandwidth, our professional services staff can help point you in the right direction.

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