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Helping Furla Japan be Less Reliant on Paid Search


Saved per month


Increase in SEO clicks


Increase in content SEO revenue

Furla, a luxury Italian fashion brand has a loyal following in Japan, and wanted to optimize organic search opportunities locally.


But the E-commerce team noticed a steady decline in organic traffic for the Japan site, forcing it to rely on paid search to capture its share of a highly competitive market.


So they engaged Botify to make search serve their brand more sustainably.

We started with the tech foundations, the secret to any robust and sustainable SEO solution. Working closely with the E-commerce and development teams, we identified some critical technical fixes that brought positive results almost instantly.

We were able to identify the winning keywords for revenue generation, and gained unique insights into what people were really looking with Botify’s RealKeywords feature. We discovered that a lot of keywords that were generating traffic organically were also being paid for. Within a year we had paused well over a thousand keywords that had been costing money, diverting the funds where they were needed to drive acquisitions.

“Botify identified what needed fixing in the backend, and within about 2 weeks we witnessed an increase in conversions from organic search.

Abby Okon,
E-commerce Manager at Furla Japan


Click through and conversion saw an almost immediate upswing. As Abby Okon, E-commerce manager for Furla Japan, remarks: “We were amazed to see positive results so quickly. When we started, both organic traffic and conversion were declining. Botify identified what needed fixing in the backend, and within about 2 weeks we witnessed an insane increase in conversions from organic search”

Revenue increased for one of their categories by as much as 92% within one month after the SEO optimization implemented in July (and in October we saw a 173% increase for another category).

Our robust, technical + content SEO project plan yielded positive impact really quickly. After just twelve months of working together:
• Organic conversions are up, and reliance on paid search
is more manageable for the brand.
• The E-commerce team knows how to match content with user search intent to better capture and convert organic traffic.
• Employing Botify’s RealKeywords, LogAnalyzer and with insights from our team, Furla Japan can now optimize content in advance of publishing new product pages, staying ahead of the curve instead of playing catch up with SEO.

“With Botify I have a collaborative extension of my team… We’ve achieved amazing results in a short time, re balancing paid, organic and optimizing content in advance”.

Abby Okon,
E-Commerce Manager at Furla Japan