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Driving Organic Performance for Mister Auto


Reduction in 301 error codes


Fewer orphan pages


Increase in indexable pages

Mister Auto, the leading auto parts seller in Europe, found that its products were not ranking as high as they should in search, and there were a large number of error code pages.


The search engines were evidently failing to crawl their pages efficiently, and Mister Auto needed a solution that could handle scale. There are five million URLs on their e-commerce site so they sought a solution that could handle this volume, addressing the issues that were damaging Mister Auto’s organic search performance.


Regular, comprehensive site crawls with Botify swiftly pinpointed  the problems – identifying the cause of the redirect errors and further revealing that 55% of the site’s pages were being flagged for insufficient content. In addition, there were 2.2 million orphan pages. These URLs were eating up 69% of Mister Auto’s available crawl budget (the resources allocated by search engines to scan a site’s pages), and so severely limiting the content findable by customers. There were also pages taking far too long to load, sending search engines incomplete content information and low page performance signals.

“Botify was the obvious choice… No other platform could handle our site.”

Antoine Cucherat, SEO Manager at Mister Auto


Combined, these revelations gave the Mister Auto team what they needed to turn their organic performance around. In just a year, they increased the number of indexable pages on their site by 38%, and boosted those pages’ crawl rate by 3.9% on desktop and 4.1% on mobile. Eliminating 97.7% of their redirect errors as well as cleaning up their crawl structure were critical in achieving this. With 1.8 million fewer orphan pages, search engines areable to cover more of Mister Auto’s site with greater speed and efficiency.
Cucherat’s team also reduced duplicative content by 44% and the number of pages with insufficient content from 55% to just 31%, making each crawl more valuable to consumers and boosting the website’s domain authority.