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The Botify Analytics 2015 Spring Release Is Live!

The Botify Analytics 2015 Spring Release is Live!

2nd June 2015AnnabelleAnnabelle

Today is an important day in Botify’s short history. We are proud to announce the release of the new version of Botify Analytics. The app now covers every feature a SEO manager can dream of when it comes to webcrawling.

A bunch of new features are included in this Spring Release:

  • Scheduling & Recurring: No more analysis set-up than strictly necessary. Your daily, weekly, monthly monitoring now start automatically, and your analyses are already ready when you need them. Read how scheduling works.
  • Comparison & Movements: Track new URLs, find out which URLs disappeared, (new errors, lost active pages, etc.), validate optimizations implemented on your website, or benchmark your competitor’s strategy. Check out the cool things you can do to optimize your wesbite with the Movements feature.
  • Internal Pagerank: Internal linking optimization is far from dead. You now have data available to make decisions and monitor your “link juice” flow. Discover how you can benefit from these new KPIs.
  • HTML Code Extract: Virtually anything becomes possible with custom data fields extracted from your pages: Web analytics tags validation, URLs segmentation, competitors pricing extraction, etc. Read all about HTML code extraction and how to start tracking everything that matters for your business.
  • Query strings out of order: Identify duplicates generated automatically on your website because your query strings parameters are not managed properly. No worries, you now have the info in the URL Explorer.
  • Outllinks to non-canonical URLs: Looking to concentrate Pagerank on canonical pages? You might find huge potential for improvement with this new feature: find out where non-canonical pages are linked from.
  • Redirect chains & loops: Remove successive redirects to avoid search engine robots crawl budget waste with this new feature. Check out related indicators, accessible via the URL Explorer.
  • Title/H1/Meta-Description length: Always good to know if your tag lengths meet your editorial criteria and SEO best practices. You can know fingerpoint URLs that don’t pass: export tag length along with their content.
  • Botify workflow optimization: When you want your analysis, you want it as soon as possible. That’s why we are constantly optimizing our report generation workflow. We improved a few things and saved significant time during report generation.

We hope that you’ll appreciate this new version of the app and that it’ll help driving more audience and revenue on your website.

Sneak preview for Comparison and Movements features:

A few tips if you really want to benefit from every detail of this new version: visit the Botify knowledge base (new content is regularly added), download the Botify Extension for Chrome (if not done already).

Also, we won’t stop there. We have hundreds of new ideas every day. So stay tuned, other new features will follow :-).

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