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The GDPR And Beyond: How Botify Is Compliant By Design

 min read
May 23, 2018
The Botify Team

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a significant data privacy regulation that takes effect May 25th, 2018 in all EU nation states and for any company managing the data of EU residents.But not to worry: Botify is 100% compliant with the GDPR by design.

What Is the GDPR?

The GDPR regulates operations performed on personal data - any information relating to an identifiable natural person - such as storage, alteration, retrieval, or erasure, among others.Botify meets all of these by design, and even takes extra steps to ensure the security and privacy of our customers' data.

How Does Botify Comply With the GDPR?

The Botify platform, and its associated analytics, never request, process, or store personal information, ever. Period. End of story.Our three industry-leading solutions are all designed to avoid personal data:

  • Botify Analytics - Botify crawls websites and harnesses analytics platforms, but does not request any personal data.
  • Botify Keywords - Botify draws information from Google Search Console, but does not request any personal data.
  • Botify Log Analyzer - Botify processes your log files, but does not request any personal data.#Botify never processes personal data. Botify may encounter personal IP addresses in server log files, but we recommend customers remove this data before sending it to Botify.

Customers can use some of the Botify custom scripts to eliminate personal IP addresses before sending server log files to Botify. Contact your CSM to find out how to easily accomplish this!If, for some reason, Botify does encounter personalized IP addresses, we permanently remove all of this information before processing your log files.Botify Log Analyzer has a predefined process to ensure that this personal information is removed:As the flowchart above illustrates, when Botify encounters a log line with an IP address that is not associated with a search engine, it instantly removes the IP address from all processing functions within Botify.

Botify: The Highest Standard in Data Privacy & Security

Our commitment to data privacy goes beyond the latest regulations. Privacy and security have been fundamental features of our platform since its inception.The same rules are applied for all customers globally - not just for the EU-based. Not only is Botify compliant by design, we're continually raising the bar to match the very highest standard of data privacy and security for our customers.Please contact us for any additional questions/concerns you have on this topic!

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