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Your Priority For 2013: Indexing!

Your Priority for 2013: Indexing!

25th February 2013AnnabelleAnnabelle

Hi there Botify community!

It’s high time that we shared with you an overview of the response from our questionnaire.

Your responses were fairly passionate and confirms to us that problems of indexing are very much at the heart of your SEO strategies and reflections. 

A big thank you for your invaluable contributions! Don’t hesitate to comment on the results.

There were nearly 150 participants from France, Europe and North America! That’s more than we imagined!

It was a great surprise when we received 150 responses for our study (148 to be exact, and to be honest, we really thought we would receive a bit less than that, so thank you!)

80% of respondents were based in France, 15% elsewhere in Europe and the last 5% in North America.

SEO professionals were, logically, the largest number to respond to the questionnaire (34% were an SEO consultant in an agency, 41% were an SEO manager with an advertiser). The last quarter of participants constituted of other web marketing profiles.

The use of several SEO tools is now indispensable for good management of your optimisation strategies

The majority of respondents judged that several SEO tools are now necessary to do a great  SEO job. We well past the times where manual optimisations any longer count!

The SEO crawler and web analytics tools came to people’s minds first as a priority just slightly above Google Webmaster tools and external linking analysis tools.

It would have also been interesting to do this study before major evolutions of Google (Panda, Penguin etc..) in order to see if the need for SEO tools evolves with the pace of new constraints to search engines… This is certainly the case because we find that controlling the mastering of indexing concerns more and more SEO managers or SEO consultants.

76% of you think that problems of indexing and structural optimisations are going to be even more important in 2013 than they have been up till now 

43% of you think that the results of improved indexing are higher than other results from other SEO levers

Most of you thought that indexing levers offered better results than external linking levers or of semantics. However, and this is pretty astonishing, 67% of you agree that you do not properly integrate all indicators linked to the structure and indexing in your reports. This is without a doubt due, in part, to a lack of reliable data that is easily analysable with current tools.

An overwhelming majority of you judge that log crawlers and analysers currently on the market could be improved

71% of you think that current SEO crawlers are not easy to use and that they do not bring up all the necessary information.
This is even more the case alongside log analysis since more of you are more likely to install the same diagnostic for this kind of tool than for SEO crawlers. 86% of you think that analysis tools are not easy to manipulate and that they don’t bring up all the necessary information.

86% of respondants are looking for a tool provinding data to master indexing

All the info from this survey encourages us to continue to follow the path that we have been taking; to develop a simulation tool for crawling and analysis of logs that is the most simple to use whatever is the size of your data (you mean Big Data!) and that will give you all the SEO information you’re looking for.

All the team are working incredibly hard for the launch of the full SaaS version that we hope will be as soon as possible! Stay tuned!

A big thank you for your contributions! Don’t hesitate to leave us comments and messages.

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