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Measure and Report on the Impact of SEO with Botify’s Latest Releases

 min read
March 28, 2024
Hayley Sherman
Senior Product Marketing Manager

As an organic search marketer, you know the impact SEO can have on your organization's success -- and how much rides on proving the value of your work. Budgets are under scrutiny. Leaders want to do more with less. And SEOs face more pressure than ever to tie SEO KPIs to business goals, show ROI, and gain executive buy-in for organic search.

We know how critical measuring and reporting your impact is. That's why we've developed a series of new features that will help you tell strong, data-based stories that amplify your efforts and earn stakeholder support for SEO.

Our latest releases pair powerful Botify data with fresh reporting and storytelling, empowering you to report on your work with confidence and tie organic search performance to predictable revenue for your organization. Let's walk through what's new:

Tell compelling SEO stories with CustomReports

With CustomReports, Botify customers can craft their narrative start-to-finish in one place. You have everything you need to inform and impress stakeholders, from building visualizations and creating day-to-day workflows to demonstrating progress and crafting compelling stories from over a thousand metrics within Botify.

Our new enhancements have made CustomReports even more powerful for SEO storytelling. Your reports will be clearer and more digestible, with a straightforward data story. Keep your stakeholders invested as your story evolves by regularly sharing progress via the Botify dashboard, downloaded PDFs, or emailed reports.

Here's what we've added:

  • Adapt reporting components to suit your needs:
    Combine a greater number of modules, such as charts, KPIs, and tables, for more customized storytelling and a detailed view of your SEO performance. Tailor full-width charts for a more comprehensive view, or use smaller charts for focused analysis. These customizations enable readers to interpret your data easily and get to the heart of the narrative.
  • Build more comprehensive reports with trended data from across Botify:
    Choose from a variety of charts to illustrate and analyze your data. In addition to existing trends, you can now send bar charts, pie charts, KPIs, and series from Keywords Explorer, and trended data from across Botify, into your custom report.
  • Use text for a deeper understanding of your report:
    Enhance your data narrative with headings, info cards, and text blocks to help tell your SEO story.
  • Customize recipients to receive scheduled emails:
    Ensure that the right team members see their most relevant reports. Customize which recipients will see your report and inform stakeholders of your progress.

Highlight important SEO events and correlate results using Annotations

A graph within the Botify interface showing an annotation for the date a website migration was completed.

When you're faced with a large volume of SEO data, it's difficult to sift through to determine correlations and connections. Annotations give you the power to pinpoint big events (such as an algorithm update or seasonalities like Black Friday) and SEO projects (big campaigns, site migrations, and so on.) Making annotations as events occur can bolster your analysis and improve your efficiency, strengthening your SEO storytelling overall. And with added context and visual cues in your trended graphs, you can better demonstrate impact and performance for your stakeholders.

Supercharge your content marketing plan with Content Performance

We've developed a few game-changing features for content marketers using Botify. In addition to the ability to integrate charts from Keywords Explorer into CustomReports, we've released a new feature called Content Performance.

A module highlighting traffic for out-of-stock pages within ContentPerformance in Botify.

Content Performance reports on critical content-oriented metrics to help you identify practical insights and create an action plan. With Content Performance, you can cut through Botify's wealth of data to hyper-focus on the metrics and KPIs that are most relevant for category managers and content teams.

Within this dashboard, you can augment your content strategy:

  • Identify top pages to improve, prioritized by click potential, where your content team should focus time and energy for the biggest impact.
  • Discover recommendations to optimize existing content to maximize visibility.
  • Highlight product page and article content size that need to be expanded.
  • Address listing pages with not enough products that may not be driving as much value as they could, and find out-of-stock products driving organic traffic.

Deliver business-critical KPIs with the Business Insights Dashboard

The Business Insights Dashboard within Botify, showing a graph of organic traffic over time.

Communicating the value of SEO while tying in with your organization's most important metrics can be a challenge. Our new Business Insights Dashboard makes it easier to report business-critical metrics to leadership and other stakeholders. Located within CustomReports under the Templates section, the Business Insights Dashboard quickly and easily pulls together an executive-oriented report focused on top metrics:

  • Branded vs. non-branded traffic
  • Organic vs. total conversion
  • Acquisition channels
  • Organic traffic & revenue

Clone the Business Insights Dashboard for customized storytelling, augmenting your report with explainer text and additional charts to show how SEO moves the needle for your organization. Connecting organic search with these critical KPIs helps your team to understand the value of your work and buy into SEO as a channel.

Test for the most impactful changes with SplitTesting

Running SEO tests without a dedicated data science team can be tricky. With Botify, you can now conduct experiments at scale and measure impact clearly with SplitTesting, now available in PageWorkers.

With the power of SEO split testing, you'll be able to:

  • Gain data-based insight into your most effective optimizations
  • Prioritize changes that have the greatest impact on SERP metrics like impressions, click-through rate, average position, and more
  • Identify and deprioritize optimizations that don't move the needle to conserve your dev team's resources (and their trust in your recommendations)
  • Scale experiments, prove the ROI of those changes, and determine your path forward with a test-and-learn approach

Experiment efficiently and independently directly within Botify -- no waiting on resources from internal teams

Measure SEO effectiveness with Return on Organic Search Spend (ROSS)

An illustration depicting two columns, one labeled ROSS and the other labeled ROAS, with a feed of information going between both to signify that SEO and paid media work better together.

It's never been easy to prove ROI for organic search, especially compared to metrics like Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for paid search. Coupled with the disconnect between the metrics executives focus on and those SEOs care about, we can see how SEO becomes misunderstood, deprioritized, and deemed not mission-critical.

That's why we developed a proprietary measurement: Return on Organic Search Spend (ROSS). It provides greater visibility into your search returns, allowing you to make informed decisions on investing in each channel. It helps you position your work as mission-critical, giving you evidence to show that SEO benefits all marketing channels, including paid. Importantly, it speaks the same language as your executive stakeholders to enable clear communication and buy-in.

The value of SEO goes beyond organic search. Like a rising tide lifts all boats, effective SEO improves marketing efforts as a whole. When you're able to prove this impact to leadership, they begin to treat SEO as vital. Our team can work with you to identify your ROSS, helping you quantify the impact of your SEO investment and aligning it with the other channels in your marketing mix.

And there's more to come! Stay tuned for future releases aimed at improving your storytelling and illustrating SEO's impact on your brand.

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