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Breaking News! Introducing 25 Million Page Crawl

We’re thrilled to announce that Botify is the first SaaS SEO platform to offer a comprehensive 25 million page crawl! Our enterprise customers can now fully analyze up to 25 million pages per domain in a single crawl with Botify.

Botify now offers a completely customizable SaaS subscription for crawling capacities that stretch up to 25 million pages. This is the beginning of a new way to see your enterprise site.

And the best part: this new capacity still includes all the same analytics and features that make our platform the superior technical SEO solution for enterprise websites.

25 Million Reasons to Think Big

At Botify, we’re on a mission to give SEOs all the data they need to define their strategies, whatever the size of their websites. We want SEOs to see the full picture, so they can craft impactful optimizations that are backed up by the most comprehensive analyses available.

Does a 25 million page crawl change anything? Yes…and no.

Yes, it changes everything for our engineering team, because the volume of processed data increased considerably. Botify collects 500+ KPIs per page, and applying this depth to an unprecedented scale of 25 million pages was a challenge. But we were ultimately able to provide the same high standards of efficiency and thoroughness even at this vast scale.

But no, it doesn’t change anything for our users. While our engineers made changes behind the scenes, our users won’t notice any differences in terms of the depth and completeness of Botify’s analysis. Users still have access to all Botify’s diverse reporting capabilities regardless of crawl size. Even with a 25 million page crawl, users can still manipulate their data the same way they would for a 10,000 page crawl.

So it’s not just the volume that makes the 25 million page crawl powerful. It’s the volume combined with the comprehensiveness. Users of the 25 million page crawl will have access to all of the features that make Botify unique, such as:

  • Segmentation – Group URLs into segments and apply SEO analysis to specific portions of your website. With a 25 million page crawl, segmentation allows you to organize your website in the way that works best for your business, so you can analyze trends and set priorities across page types within the mass of data. Set and customize hundreds of segmentation rules.
  • Incisive Filters – Use our filtering capacities to apply hundreds of Botify reports to specific page types, segments, and URL groupings, so you can hone in on specific sets of URLs, such as orphan 404s, active pages, redirect chains, and millions of other combinations that can be continuously refined with each new filter. Use 500+ SEO KPIs in URL Explorer to sort pages to the exact URL lists you want to manipulate or export.
  • Content Quality – Botify’s industry-leading content quality analysis is scalable even to 25 million pages. Measure content quality across groups of URLs, or individual URLs, to gauge content uniqueness, page duplication, content size, and page similarity scores to understand content value and impact on the widest scale.
  • Custom Reports – Need to generate a specific report for your boss or your agency? No problem. Even at this large size, you can still create your own custom reports with hundreds of SEO KPIs for endless permutations. This lets you tell your website’s story to the people who matter.
  • Map Internal Site Structure
    Understand the internal structure of your website with comprehensive inlink mapping and analysis. Master your internal PageRank diffusion, and make structural changes to inlinking that optimize large portions of your content. Yes, with 25 million pages, you might be talking about 6,000,0000,000 inlinks. Botify gives you power to easily analyze and understand this data:6 billion inlinks
  • Think Globally, Act Locally – Our 25 million page crawl allows users to think globally while still retaining the most minute details for each crawled page. Historical HTML, for example, stores the raw HTML source of every crawled page when it was crawled, allowing you to understand each crawled page with greater clarity.
  • Export Unlimited Data – Those who want to manipulate their crawl data outside of Botify, or share the data with internal teams, can export the data in unlimited quantities with Enterprise Advanced Exports. The 25 million page crawl offers unprecedented amounts of data, but those who require this level of depth will always be able to export unadulterated reports.
  • Develop Your Own Solutions – Harness the Botify API to take advantage of Botify’s powerful functions. Using BQL (Botify Query Language), you can build your own solutions that enable wide-scale SEO analysis.
  • Illuminate Imported Data – Import data from all the leading web analytics platforms:
    • Detect real trends and traffic queries from Google Search Console using RealKeywords. Import millions of keywords and queries for analysis.
    • Monitor your organic conversion rates and traffic performance with EngagementAnalytics by harnessing data from Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.
    • Optimize your crawl budget by importing your server log files to LogAnalyzer.
  • Total Crawl Customization – Even at 25 million pages, you can still totally customize the crawl for your website. Crawl at up to 250 pages per second. Adjust speed and other key crawl settings during a crawl, or even hit pause on your crawl. Crawl reports are still generated in just 24 hours.

Crawling at a large scale is useless if you don’t have the capacity to crunch your data the way you want to. That’s why our 25 million page crawl isn’t just about the volume of pages. It’s also about bringing the incisiveness and thoroughness of our platform to a wider frontier, offering all the analytical capacities that make our solution the premier technical SEO platform.

This is the end of the limitations era. SEOs with large sites can now see the full picture. The 25 million SaaS subscription can be customized with the Botify Sales Team. Don’t hesitate to share your request with us, even if you want a crawl in excess of 25 million.

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