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Master Your Crawl Budget
with LogAnalyzer

How you’ll benefit

LogAnalyzer, part of the Botify Analytics suite, helps you see how any search engine is crawling (or not) your digital assets — all within a platform built specifically for SEOs. It’s ideal for large enterprise websites in any industry, with the capacity to analyze up to 100 million search engine requests per day.

Evaluate Crawls by Segment

Break your site into strategic groups of URLs to understand search engine crawl behavior on specific sections of your site.

Layer with Any SEO Metric

As part of the Botify Analytics suite, our log analyzer allows you to look at a URL’s log file data alongside 1,000+ other SEO metrics for advanced analysis.

Security You Can Trust

The most accurate window into how search engines crawl your site, coupled with unmatched data security and privacy in full adherence to GDPR.

Fast and Easy Setup

Our Engineering Support team makes log file analysis setup easy! After setup, your log files are automatically uploaded to Botify daily without any action needed on your part.

Plus, LogAnalyzer is great for site migrations. If you’re moving domains, undergoing a redesign, or otherwise substantially changing your site, LogAnalyzer can help you see how search engines are adjusting to the change so you can monitor progress and catch any issues before they start to hurt your traffic.

Want to see it in action? We’d love to show you around! Request a demo to see how you could put the LogAnalyzer to work on your website.

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