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Tap Into Real Searcher Data
with RealKeywords

What you get

RealKeywords, part of the Botify Analytics suite, is a keyword research and rank tracking tool based on real queries, impressions, position, and clicks. The solution bridges, for the first time, real user queries from the Google Search Console API with the most advanced technical SEO insights.

Know What, When, and Where People Search for You

Harness actual user queries to discover how people are searching for your brand, from what locations, and on what devices. And, with daily updates, you can see trending data to create content that speaks to real-time demand. Speak to your customers, when your customers want to speak to you.

Discover Your Real Ranking Performance

Capture real rankings from Google Search Console to find out the position of your strategic pages, detailed by device and by country, and which are driving the most impressions and traffic.

Go Beyond Rankings

You may know where you’re ranking, but do you know why? With RealKeywords, you can. Real searcher data + your technical SEO insights = a match made in SEO heaven.

No Scraping, No Problem

Scraping goes against search engines’ T&Cs so Botify won’t do it. With RealKeywords, you don’t need to scrape the SERPs because we’ll feed you all your real searcher query data via the Google Search Console API.

Real searcher query data is powerful, but tying it to the rest of your SEO data is where the real magic happens. As part of the Botify Analytics suite, RealKeywords allows you to see, for the first time, how any technical SEO metric (we have 1,000+ of them!) is impacting your SERP performance.

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