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Breaking News: Introducing Custom Reports!

Breaking News: Introducing Custom Reports!

15th May 2017ElizabethElizabeth

Botify is breaking the mold yet again with our latest, innovative feature – Custom Reports. Custom Reports give you the power to put your high-impact SEO metrics front and center so you can take action and drive results.

Botify works with SEOs across industries, across the US and Europe, managing sites big and small. We understand your needs are as different as your sites are. We want to give you the tools to manage your unique challenges, which is why we’re pleased to announce that Custom Reports is now available to all Botify users as a standard feature.
Custom Reports SEO Analytics

Build Strategic Custom Reports

This ground-breaking feature is the first of its kind in the industry. Botify’s Custom Reports feature provides a much-needed, innovative approach to technical SEO; it offers all Botify users analytic freedom.

The easy-to-share format of the Custom Reports feature makes it ideal for communicating within and across teams. Create an executive dashboard with top-level metrics to share with company leadership. Make developer dashboards to communicate opportunity and guide their work on the site. Quickly align SEO teammates on priorities with dashboards that capture opportunity and scale. Clarity of performance means quicker consensus within teams and data-driven decision making.

Create custom reports for each site segment. Distinguish performance between category pages, blog pages, and search pages on your site. Then define your strategy for each site section based on the opportunity within that segment.

Capture industry distinctions with Custom Reports. Retailers can monitor inventory turnover with dashboards designed to show HTTP status code changes or generally capture rises in non-indexable URLs. Publishers can keep an eye on high-impact sections of the site by creating dashboards monitoring key performance metrics by segment. Travel sites can monitor content quality at scale for travel results pages. For the first time, your crawl reports can be structured in line with the way your industry works.

Develop project-specific reports to prioritize tasks and track progress after implementation. Easily compare desktop vs. mobile traffic, monitor content quality paired with performance, identify broken links and their crawl impact, analyze non-indexable URLs across a variety of KPIs, track an HTTPS migration, or assess site performance at a glance. Synthesize your critical metrics in one dashboard to check site health or monitor crawl performance regularly.

Regardless of your need, Custom Reports empower you to streamline your work from analysis to action.

Custom Reports begin

Customize Your Dashboards

Manipulate dashboard elements to create the view you need for everyday management or one-off analysis. Our new Custom Reports feature allows all Botify users to:

  • Add and remove analytics components – including your custom Metrics Tables
  • See all charts related to one optimization goal in a single view
  • Compare data over time to monitor site health and implementation success
  • Build dashboards for specific technical projects like improving internal linking or managing crawl errors
  • Communicate easily with executives, developers, and teammates

Custom Reports Use Cases

Technical SEO Reports: Desktop vs. Mobile Traffic, SEO Non-Compliance, Site Performance

Get Started with Custom Reports

Botify’s Custom Reports feature will transform the way you work. It keeps your critical KPIs at the center of your analysis so you can keep an eye on high-impact projects as well as everyday analysis. Whether you’re sharing performance across teams, dissecting metrics by site segment, or monitoring a specific project, you can now create bespoke dashboards to meet each of your SEO needs.

Learn more about Custom Reports in our free Webinar May 30th! Register now: Create Your Own Dashboard with Botify’s Custom Reports

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