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What you get

Botify Analytics is helping SEOs diagnose why 77% of the pages on their site aren’t getting any organic traffic from search engines.

We’ve integrated with major website analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and AT Internet to pull in engagement metrics like traffic, bounce rate, and conversion data, helping you ensure your SEO efforts are accomplishing what they’re supposed to — getting more traffic and revenue for your organization.

See the Business Impact of Your SEO Efforts

Even the most technical SEO changes have cascading benefits for critical business metrics like traffic and revenue. Integrating with your website analytics helps you show it.

Easily Diagnose Traffic and Conversion Issues

Page not getting the organic traffic you were hoping for? Diagnose the root cause by seeing each page’s crawl, log, and query data side-by-side its traffic and conversions.

Surface Your
“Non-Active” Pages in One Click

No manually combing through your analytics data required. If any of your pages aren’t getting organic search traffic, we’ll surface them for you.

From crawling to conversions, Botify Analytics is helping SEOs maximize the traffic and revenue impact of their efforts, and integrating your website analytics will help you show it. See it in action by requesting a demo!

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