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Export Millions Of Links With Botify’s New Advanced Exports!

Export millions of links with Botify’s new Advanced Exports!

2nd December 2016ElizabethElizabeth

Botify is excited to announce a brand new feature!

Advanced Exports are now available, making your data dreams come true.

We’re changing the way you access your Botify data, making it easier and more efficient than ever to dig deeper in your SEO analysis.

Botify Advanced Data Exports SEO

Advanced Exports in Botify

Generate complex data exports with the specific fields you need – and take your reporting to a whole new level. Access new information you couldn’t before with just the URL explorer!

Complex Data Exports

With the new Advanced Exports feature, you’re no longer limited in the amount of data you can access. Generate complex reports you can’t access in the URL Explorer. Run up to 10 advanced exports per day to achieve every analysis scenario you need.
Botify Advanced Exports All Data

  • Download Large Link Exports: Access all the detailed data you need in one inclusive download, for a compressed file of up to 100 million links, unlike the limit of 100k in the URL Explorer. And soon, you’ll be able to download even more.
  • No Inlink/Outlink Limits: Export full reports of all inlinks and outlinks without being limited to a small sample, for a more complete understanding of your internal linking structure.
  • Key Data Scenarios: Choose the export you need from strategic scenarios, including Crawled URLS, Redirection Links, and Links to non-indexable URLs, among others! Focus your analysis or export All Links or All URL Details, for a comprehensive data view.

With a more complete list of URLs, you can generate deeper, more insightful analyses. Build complex visualizations of your internal linking structure, and better understand the inner workings of your site to uncover key opportunities for SEO growth.

Export History

Now, access all downloads from the new Data Exports section in the left-side menu of your dashboard. Whether exporting a pdf from the URL explorer or highly complex datasets for outside reporting, you can access all downloads from one convenient location!

Keep track of all exports in progress, and see a history of all previous exports from the past 30 days to view them again or compare data from one complex export to the next.
Botify Data Exports All Links

Botify Advanced Exports progress

Botify Data Exports New

New Advanced Data Exports in Botify

After the recent release of Content Quality Analysis, integrating Google Analytics Premium, and our big update to the latest version of Botify Log Analyzer, Advanced Data Exports is the cherry on top of a big year focused on making Botify better than ever for our users.

Want to try Advanced Exports for yourself? Contact your Botify representative now!

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