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Latest Version of Botify Intelligence Delivers Smart Insights and Recommendations 

With the rise of paid search costs this year on the heels of the pandemic a light has been shone on organic search, with marketing leaders looking to harness it more effectively to meet their goals. As a response, organic search teams are seeking smarter tools to help prioritize their work and investment to ensure their website is found by consumers and search engines. 

Manual processes for collecting and analyzing organic search data can be costly and time-consuming, limiting marketing teams’ ability to identify and activate opportunities for optimizing revenue. 

To overcome these barriers and optimize organic search at scale, marketers need to better improve their websites’ ability to be found by search engines to keep pace with changing consumer behaviors. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enabled the creation of tools that enable marketers to adapt their website in real time – by 1) analyzing website performance, 2) delivering actionable recommendations, and 3) implementing the recommendations to improve site performance. And yet, marketing teams have not fully harnessed the full potential of AI within their search platforms due to the complexity of delivering and implementing actionable recommendations at scale for large websites. 

To address this complex issue, Botify is proud to introduce a new version of Botify Intelligence, the tool that utilizes AI to make sense of more than 1,000 data metrics already available within Botify Analytics to alert brands to new opportunities and forecast potential issues that could impact overall organic traffic performance. In addition, it’s helping marketers better harness AI to effectively optimize for improved website performance and findability. 

Easily Find Your Highest Organic Search Priorities with Botify AlertPanel and ActionBoard

The first step to developing a robust organic search strategy is ensuring that organic search teams receive the right alerts at the right time, to help them focus on actionable and relevant alerts. Not all alerts apply to every team, which is why our AlertPanel tool automates the process of delivering customized alerts on technical issues to the most relevant platform users.

In addition to reducing the “noise” of many alerts and notifications, recommendations provided by ActionBoard need to be properly prioritized in order to point organic search teams in the right direction. Backed by machine learning (ML), our ActionBoard tool calculates the estimated impact of implementing your AI-powered recommendations by ranking each as high, medium, or low priority. Doing so allows organic search teams to more clearly understand the impact each recommendation has on their crawled and active pages once the listed issue has been fixed.  

Over time, this process will fundamentally change how Botify customers detect and interact with content that matters most to their target audience, reducing time invested and potential for missed opportunities. 

New Machine Learning-Powered Insights within Botify Intelligence

To drive these more impactful recommendations in Actionboard, we’ve also launched new and exclusive metrics, powered by Machine Learning. These innovative, AI-powered data metrics will tell you the probability of a page being crawled or visited. Additionally, intent data for keywords will tell you the basic keyword intent, such as Informational, Commercial, Transactional, and Navigational—enabling you to more clearly understand how to be found by your customers. 

These new, market-leading metrics, notably crawlable and visitable data, incorporate data science into Botify’s recommendations to organic search teams, making this the premier solution for surfacing opportunities to grow your site’s traffic and help more consumers find your content. 

Educational Content to Help You Know Why, How, and Where do we go next?

Botify Intelligence also provides customers clear guidance on where to go next through new goal-based guidance pages on crawl budget optimization, bots performance, and more – giving teams an in-depth visual on how their site measures up against important benchmarks. Subsequently, the added value of understanding educational content, and insights of critical key performance metrics (KPIs) are shifting how marketing teams perceive performance across the board to better align and drive more impactful ROI. 

Landing pages are often used to capture the attention of a niche audience with specific messaging about products and services. And yet, organic search professionals often don’t realize the value landing pages can offer developers if applied to measuring performance. Instead of looking at your whole site, Botify uses landing pages to audit your site’s success and help customers narrow down the scope of their recommended goal-driven actions in our new Goal-Based Guidance Pages to determine which pages should be driving organic traffic. 

Prescriptive Actions, Confident Outcomes 

Customers can talk to their Customer Success Manager for more information about how to leverage Botify Intelligence and these new capabilities. For those who aren’t yet Botify customers but want to know more, request a platform demo here.

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