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One Year In The Life Of A Large Website: Slides From Brighton SEO Spring 2015

One year in the life of a large website: slides from Brighton SEO Spring 2015

13th April 2015AnnabelleAnnabelle

We’re just back from Brighton SEO, and we’re proud to have been part of it. Thanks for the great feed back!

We enjoyed the whole conference, there were loads of high-quality sessions, as well as a stimulating variety of interesting topics.

We chipped in with a 20-minute session in the Onsite track, where we chose to show how Botify tools help do the best possible SEO. To do this, we used the example of a large website and what happened over the course of one year:

  • From initial audit to measuring results,
  • Dealing with planned and unplanned events along the way

Here are the slides from our session.

The presentation uses examples from Botify Log Analyzer Premium reports and daily monitoring interface. This tool requires making web server logs data available to us. Our other tool, Botify Analytics, doesn’t, and is available in 100% self-service mode. It provides the same level of detail (and more) in terms of structural analysis and allows to import organic visits (active pages, visits volumes and other visits-related data) from Google Analytics.

Questions? Don’t hesitate, use the comments below!

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