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Pet Services Industry Up 27% Against Pre-COVID Average (+ Other Winning Categories)

 min read
August 25, 2020
The Botify Team

In my last post, we learned that the restaurant delivery industry was up 40% against pre-COVID averages. This week, we're coming to you with a new featured winner - pet services!

As you may have noticed from the uptick in pets featured from Zoom to social media feeds, pet ownership has never been higher as everyone focuses on home life. Search for "dog adoption," for example, is up 47% on average since March year-over-year according to Google Trends data.

This shows in our data as well. We're seeing that searchers are looking for help caring for their pets (and naming them! top queries include variations of "dog names" and "cat names") more than ever, up 27% since pre-COVID, as well as up 1% week-over-week and 4% over last month.

Top COVID All-Time Winners

Two additional industries have reached all-time high since week nine, when most trends reached the COVID bottom:

Health - Services up 8% week-over-week, 11% over last month, 65% against pre-COVID average.

Weddings - Media up 1% week-over-week, 7% over last month, 14% against pre-COVID average.

1 Month Trending Winners

Eight additional categories saw 1 month highs when comparing their pre-COVID average.

Real Estate Services - Commercial up 6% week-over-week, 12% over last month, 13% against pre-COVID average.

Restaurant Delivery up 2% week-over-week, 7% over last month, 4% against pre-COVID average.

Real Estate Services - Buy/Sell up 6% week-over-week, 6% over last month, 6% against pre-COVID average.

Job / Career Services up 2% week-over-week, 5% over last month, and now just -18% against pre-COVID average.

Travel - Hotels up 1% week-over-week, 1% over last month, and now just -31% against pre-COVID average.

Non-Essential Home Retail up 5% week-over-week, 13% over last month, 81% against pre-COVID average.

Pet - Retail up 1% week-over-week, 3% over last month, 21% against pre-COVID average.

Weddings - Retail up 1% week-over-week, %1 over last month, 10% against pre-COVID average.

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