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SEO & E-Commerce: Meetup Highlights

SEO & E-Commerce: Meetup Highlights

9th January 2017ElizabethElizabeth

We had a great turn-out at Thursday’s meet-up: The Specifics of SEO for E-Commerce!

SEO & ECommerce Botify Meetup

Retail sites have their own set of challenges when it comes to SEO, from high volumes of pages thanks to product catalogs to structuring highly complex sites to, of course, conversion.

Our great speakers had plenty of information to share with the room and answered a lot of important questions about the things that matter most to e-commerce-industry SEOs.

SEO & E-Commerce: Botify Meetup Highlights

Did you miss out on our latest meetup? There’s no reason you have to miss out on all of the valuable information we shared!

We know it’s not always easy to make it to every event, so here are the highlights of our latest Botify Meetup!

Topic #1: Product Pages

To keep us organized, moderator Alpha Keita took the reins asking our speakers the tough questions about each aspect of e-commerce SEO. First up? Dealing with product pages.

  • How do you manage product pages with little content?
  • How do you deal with pages for products that are identical to competitors’?
  • How do you handle products that are too similar to one another, or products that go out of stock?
  • What about seasonal product pages?

Don’t just index all the criteria

*About the utilization of linguistic robots to feed e-commerce product pages*

Don’t delete seasonal pages (Christmas, Mother’s Day) from one year to the next

Topic #2: Site Structure & Accessibility

Optimizing the structure of an e-commerce site is half the battle in SEO, but it’s not always straightforward.

  • Descending navigation allows visitors to discover and order content from the Home page.
  • Faceted navigation can pose 2 types of problems: How do you identify which facets can drive organic traffic? How do you avoid creating millions of useless pages?
  • Horizontal navigation, creating links between similar products for example, is often underestimated.
  • How do you monitor the accessibility of content according to navigation structure?

Pay attention to facets, always define an order for URL creation to avoid duplicates if not canonical [tag] management

Having the best technical structure without the right terms does no good

Topic #3: Visitors & Conversion

Ultimately, on an e-commerce site, the end goal is to increase sales and revenue by converting the visitors that have been driven to your site.

  • Before arriving on a product page to convert, a customer will often pass through other “hub” pages or lists. How do you follow this conversion path?
  • What are the impacts of structural data on product pages?
  • What are the impacts of page load time on conversion?
  • How do you optimize conversion rate? How do you work together with SEO and UX teams?

Some increases in crawl might be a symptom of an upcoming negative adjustment by Google

Final thoughts on E-Commerce SEO

Great meetup about e-commerce

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