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Upcoming SEO Events & Webinars: Where To Find Us

Upcoming SEO Events & Webinars: Where to Find Us

16th February 2017ElizabethElizabeth

What’s new in Technical SEO? What is happening in the industry that’s got everyone talking?

We want to be a part of the conversation to learn what’s challenging SEOs and share how Botify can help uncover critical insights to help drive powerful optimization strategies.
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Where can you find Botify in the coming months?

  • BotifyCONNECT: London, UK, February 23rd
    London Botifiers share their Top SEO Challenges for 2017 and how they plan to use Botify Analytics and Log Analyzer to tackle their toughest issues and achieve their big organic traffic goals.
  • Botify Meetup: Paris, FR, March 16th
    What are the biggest SEO concerns for Classifieds and Marketplace websites? Join our roundtable of experts in discussing how to optimize ever-expanding sites with expiring content and complex categorization. Register now to save your place!
  • SEO Campus: Paris, FR, March 9-10th
    A can’t-miss event for SEO specialists in France – and we’re speaking! We’ll be talking about Google’s confirmation of its limited Crawl Budget, and how to optimize it at Enterprise scale. Get tickets here.
  • SMX West: San Jose, CA, March 21-23rd
    3 full days of Search Marketing sessions? California, here we come. And we’re bringing our knowledge of Crawl Budget with us! Check out our session to learn how to Accelerate Growth by Effectively Managing Crawl Budget. Save 10% with code BOTIFYSMXW17 when you register for SMX West!
  • E-Commerce One to One: Monaco, FR, March 22-24th
    How do you increase organic traffic to your site? We’ll be talking with leading Enterprise companies about growth-driving SEO strategies.
  • Napa Summit: Napa Valley, CA, March 30-31st
    Boost your Search Marketing expertise with us at the Napa event for Advanced SEO and SEM professionals! We’re sharing our industry tips and tools for optimizing your Google Crawl Budget to increase your organic traffic. Sign up!
  • BrightonSEO: Brighton, UK, April 6-7th
    At the UK’s biggest SEO event, join in the conference and sessions to learn from industry experts. Attend a full-day course held by our own Annabelle Bouard on Managing Search Engine Crawling & Indexing. Register now so you don’t miss out!
    ## Upcoming Webinars
    Learn from Botify’s best without ever leaving your desk! Listen in as our Technical SEO experts walk you through the how-tos of critical optimization techniques and in-depth technical SEO analysis.
  • Botify’s Content Quality Analysis
    Understand how Google perceives your content, and take action!
    In English: Wednesday, March 29th – Register here
    En fran√ßais: jeudi 30 mars – S’inscrire ici
  • Optimize your Mobile Strategy with Botify
    Become fully knowledgeable on Mobile SEO and plan for Google’s Mobile-First Index. Explore AMP, App Indexing, and relations between Desktop and Mobile Sites!
    In English: Wednesday, April 12th – Register here
    En fran√ßais: jeudi, 13 avril – S’inscrire ici

Stay tuned for more Botify Meetups in New York, London, and Paris throughout the year, covering in-depth SEO topics with experienced speakers ready to share their hard-won tips, tricks, and insights into driving organic traffic and revenue for their websites.

And later in the year, you can catch us at some of the biggest SEO and Search Marketing conferences and events including SMX East, BrightonSEO, among others!

Sign up and join us! We hope to see you there.

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