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Botify and FARFETCH Collaborate to Provide Organic Search Marketing Support for Luxury Retail Brands

 min read
March 31, 2023
The Botify Team

The retail industry has changed significantly in recent years with an accelerated move to e-commerce and digital platforms following the Covid 19 pandemic, with consumers continuing to favour shopping online.

Along with this, across the UK leading European brands have been forced to navigate the ongoing economic challenges with rising inflation knocking consumer confidence and luxury tourists - a key driver for sales - looking for alternative VAT-free destinations.

As a result, many luxury brands that in the past have heavily relied on brick-and-mortar have had to rethink their strategies to overcome this, with the shift to online platforms like marketplaces and dedicated apps becoming a priority. But building a web storefront isn't always easy to navigate, brands not only need to grow their presence online by driving web traffic to their site, they need to implement various digital marketing strategies to build their online audience - with organic search being a key influencer for this.

To help these brands overcome the challenges of growing their online customer base, Botify has partnered with FARFETCH Platform Solutions to help them boost online traffic, build their brand globally, and inevitably increase sales.

What is FARFETCH Platform Solutions?

FARFETCH Platform Solutions (FPS) is the technology partner for the luxury industry. Part of the FARFETCH Group, FARFETCH Platform Solutions delivers end-to-end commerce solutions that accelerate growth and innovation for luxury brands and retailers alike.

Using the best-in-class technology that powers the FARFETCH Marketplace, FARFETCH Platform Solutions' white-label e-commerce websites and apps are built with the luxury customer in mind. Additional products include e-concessions, global logistics and warehousing solutions, as well as their pioneering Connected Retail in-store technology and 360 digital marketing services.

FARFETCH Platform Solutions has partnered with Botify following a successful eight-year relationship with the FARFETCH Marketplace in driving growth from organic search. It was important for FPS to offer the same expertise to its customers after seeing the lift and visibility that led to FARFETCH becoming a market leader in luxury eCommerce. During this next phase of growth, FARFETCH Platform Solutions and Botify aim to help their clients, and their products, be found online to strengthen brand visibility and brand authority.

Botify's role in FARFETCH Platform Solutions

The SEO team at FARFETCH Platform Solutions are all certified Botify platform experts. With Botify's support and expertise, FPS SEO teams can advise brands on how they can boost traffic through organic search.

Using the Botify platform, FPS is able to help brands complete successful migrations and support their organic search marketing strategies, ensuring they are well integrated across performance marketing as well as key areas, including UX, content, design and accessibility.

Here are some examples of key opportunities that can be utilised to deliver strong organic growth:

  • Technical Audits: Reviewing the site on a regular basis ensures all technical tags and files are in line with best practices.
  • Seasonality: Staying on top of seasonal peaks and trends provide an informed approach to content creations, page publication, and category marketing.
  • Content Audits: Auditing existing content on PDP and PLP to ensure it matches user intent and follows SEO best practices.
  • Performance Analysis: Monitoring the site's organic performance and reviewing it against KPI and industry benchmarks to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Capturing Trends: Leveraging the breadth of industry data on hand to provide trend-led recommendations for content or category creation opportunities.

Botify's collaboration with FPS means luxury retailers can optimise their sites for organic search, analyse their website architecture for SEO, find and fix indexing issues, crawl, identify trending keywords, and more.

To learn more about FARFETCH Platform Solutions, click here and request a demo of Botify's leading platform here.

Want to learn more? Connect with our team for a Botify demo!
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