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How To Convince Your Boss To Invest In Botify

How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Botify

25th June 2019Chris BryantChris Bryant

Finding the right tool is one thing, getting your boss to invest in it is another.

We know that executive buyers have different priorities than SEO practitioners. So while we may be able to geek out over log files with a Technical SEO Manager, we know we need to get down to business with the C-suite and talk about the SEO ROI.

How exactly will Botify help save time, do better work, and increase profits?

We’re so glad you asked.

You may not only need to get your boss’s buy-in for an enterprise-grade tool like Botify. You may need to get their buy-in for SEO in general. If you’re in an organization that doesn’t place a high priority on organic search, here are some strategies you can use.

Show non-branded traffic

We’ve talked with many organizations who think organic traffic only comes from their reputation and brand equity. The thought is that the only people visiting the website via organic search are those that already know about and were searching for the brand.

To solve for this, we recommend using Google Search Console (GSC) performance reports to show stakeholders at your organization how many non-branded queries are driving impressions and clicks. They’ll likely be surprised!

Because Botify uses the GSC API, we can pull in even more data than is available via the GSC dashboard, allowing your executive team to see even more real, non-branded queries your audience is using to find your website.

Map SEO to revenue

Paid advertising typically gets the bulk of an organization’s investment because it’s easier to prove the ROI. However, a tool like Botify actually makes it easy to map even the most technical changes to earned revenue.

If you’re having trouble convincing your boss to invest in Botify, tell them about the ways it can help them see the impact, in real revenue, of SEO changes.

For example, say you made a change to your internal linking structure. Not only could you see how traffic to those key pages improved as a result, but because Botify integrates with your Google or Adobe Analytics account, you could also see how much revenue increased as a result of those changes as well.

Saving time by uncovering opportunities quicker

One of the biggest benefits of Botify is how much time it saves. Rather than manually hunting for issues on your website, and hoping that you find them, Botify surfaces all your data into reports that are easy to take action on.
You’re able to spend less time finding issues so you can dedicate more of your time to fixing issues, capitalizing on opportunities, and strategic thinking.

When it comes to digital professions, SEOs are some of the smartest of the bunch.You’re probably more than capable of scouring log files on your own, looking through source code, or configuring your crawler — but just because you can do those things doesn’t mean you should. Your time is valuable, and at Botify, we believe you should spend less of it surfacing issues and more of it coming up with solutions.

When your boss realizes Botify lets you do more in less time, that’s an easy sell.

More transparent reporting

Being an SEO means being accountable for KPIs like rankings, organic search traffic, organic conversions, and technical SEO KPIs like crawl/render ratio and load time performance. That means you likely spend a lot of time pulling data and putting together reports for your executive team. Reporting has the ability to be simultaneously one of the most time-consuming and critical tasks on an SEO’s plate.

With Botify, reporting is not only faster. It’s also more transparent.

Think of traditional reporting as a picture and Botify as a movie. Botify crawls frequently and is constantly being populated with fresh data, allowing you to keep track of the metrics you care about over time. With custom reports, you can even put your highest impact SEO metrics front-and-center for your boss and other stakeholders.

Your boss gets better data and you get some of your time back — it’s a win-win.

More data, better data, fresh data

Data quality is something we care deeply about at Botify. Without reliable data, you have no way of knowing whether the decisions you’re making have the desired effect.

One thing we hear a lot from our customers is “Look at all that data!” Botify is the first SEO tool to pull in data from the entire search process, from crawling to conversions. There’s crawl and render data, log file data, Google Search Console performance data, and we even integrate with your Google or Adobe Analytics to pull in engagement and conversion data.

Botify not only gives you data from more sources, but it also gives you more data from those sources. For example, because Botify utilizes the GSC API, you get more keyword data than you would in the GSC dashboard.

You’ll also get data that reflects real searcher queries and interactions with your website. Our data is never scraped and is always a true reflection of how both search engines and real human visitors are interacting with your website.

The data you get from Botify is also fresh. This means that you don’t have to set up and schedule crawls. The platform will surface issues for you automatically because of regular crawling.

Why will your executive team care about all this? Because when it comes to their investments, they likely care deeply about making the best decisions and tracking results. The only real way to ensure that you’re making good decisions is by having reliable data.

A tool for multiple teams and use cases

While we like to say that Botify is an enterprise SEO tool (because it is!) it’s value extends far beyond those that have “SEO” in their title.

For example, we have customers who use Botify as an internal performance tool. Using Botify, you can see things like which author’s content is performing the best for your publication and which author’s content is performing the worst. This is due to how Botify overlays structured data such as “Author Name” with KPIs like content size and uniqueness, Googlebot crawl, visit, and GSC data.

KPI Statitics - 1

Product marketers also love Botify because it helps them prepare for new product and feature launches! For example, Botify can show them things like ideal page depth when it comes to traffic and revenue, giving them a clear idea of where they need to host the new product on the site for maximum impact.

IMpact f Depth On ranking - 2

URLs Crawled Search Engine By Depth - 3

Community managers for online forums can use Botify to see if there’s any correlation between the amount of replies and things like traffic. Editorial teams can use Botify to find their trending topics or highest-performing content to inform future content ideas.

Visits Based Reply Pages - 4

We’ve even worked with PPC managers who use Botify to see how website changes impact quality score, find keywords with lots of impressions but low rankings to identify new keyword bids, and leverage log files to determine how frequently Google AdsBot is crawling your content to determine quality updates.

URLs Crawled by Google by Segment by Day - 5

When your boss realizes that Botify can come out of multiple teams’ budgets rather than just one, it makes the purchase a lot more palatable.

If you’re interested in Botify but you don’t have the executive buy-in you need, we’re here to help! We love doing walkthroughs with SEOs and their executive teams to demonstrate all the ways investing in Botify can benefit an organization — book yours today!

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