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Introducing Botify Certification: Improve Your SEO Fluency – Showcase Your Skills!

Over the past eight years, Botify has evolved from a technical SEO platform to a full-funnel, unified data solution. The Botify team continues to innovate in order to anticipate and accommodate the growing needs of SEOs, marketers, and other stakeholders across enterprise organizations. As a result, our software has not only become more insightful but also more robust. 

Plus, there are 3,200 algorithm updates each year – which means SEO is changing every day! 

As the next iteration of Botify is all about predictive intelligence and automation, our product suite has evolved to include Botify Analytics (SiteCrawler, LogAnalyzer, RealKeywords, and EngagementAnalytics), Botify Intelligence (ActionBoard and AlertPanel), and Botify Activation (FastIndex). Each product suite works hand in hand with the next to optimize your website throughout every phase of search – from crawl to convert – while improving long-term revenue and ROI. 

That’s where Botify Certification comes in – providing a clear path to validating and accelerating your SEO and platform knowledge, maximizing your investment in Botify, and furthering the reach of your work.

So, how can you get certified?

Botify customers are invited to enroll in Botify Certification, a points-based, multi-course program. As you complete courses and pass their corresponding assessments, you will accrue points and, ultimately, earn badges of certification to showcase your Botify Pro or Botify Expert status among your teammates, peers, and social networks. 

Customizing your courses to fit your key responsibilities 

Within our certification program, you’ll be able to choose from a selection of courses – ranging from a high-level training of Botify’s Methodology to a deeper dive into more complex topics such as HTML Extracts & Custom Reporting. You’ll have flexibility to customize your curriculum in a way that best suits your current or future responsibilities. 

Ready to use filtering and column selectors to your advantage? Our certification course will give you the knowledge you need to gain greater visibility into your crawl data and uncover insights about: content with specific word counts, pages published in a specific timeframe, indexable URLs not crawled by Google, and more. 

Just about to dip your toes into segmentation? There’s a whole course on that! It’ll get you segmenting your site by pagetype, content type, breadcrumbs, and more in no time so you can uncover hidden insights and drive traffic to your most strategic pages! 

The following  certification courses are available today:

  • Course 1: Botify Basics
  • Course 2: Botify Methodology
  • Course 3: Botify Analytics: SiteCrawler*
  • Course 4: Segmentation
  • Course 5: Filtering & Column Selectors*
  • Course 6: HTML Extracts and Reporting

More to be announced soon! Check out all of our upcoming courses here.

*Botify Analytics: SiteCrawler and HTML Extracts and Reporting are required courses, and you have the flexibility to pick and choose your remaining courses. 

When you learn how to use Botify to the fullest, you’ll maximize opportunities to uncover your site’s hidden revenue potential and improve ROI. 

Every enterprise organization is vastly different from the next, so we know your priorities may be, too! That’s why we’re providing a modular experience to powerboost your individual workflow.

Onboarding your colleagues 

Looking to get your new colleagues up to speed? Botify Certification is a great way to onboard new team members and benchmark internal training. Completing their custom curriculum will accelerate their familiarity with the platform and help them acclimate to their new role faster. 

On the other hand, if some members of your team are not yet power users but ready to have a better understanding of how the platform works, you can invite them to begin their personal, customized certification process. If you’d like them to become versed in the Botify Methodology – to understand how your website performs at every stage of search – they can simply complete the Botify Methodology course. If and when they’re ready to learn more, they continue where they left off to complete a new set of courses that’s relevant to their role. 

Showcasing your SEO experience 

Once you’re able to maximize your use of the platform – from gleaning insights about searcher intent to driving results with JavaScript – you can tap into that momentum to uncover deeper insights. And the results will speak for themselves. To more fully understand and communicate how your great work contributes to long-term business goals, you should:

  • Make sure to fill out the conversions section of Botify. If you’re not able to plug in exact numbers, you can use benchmark data to show directional change.
  • Set up custom reporting to tie changes in SEO with your KPIs. This makes it easier to circulate visual reports with colleagues and stakeholders. 
  • Consider integrating Botify with Google Data Studio, Looker, and more.

When SEO is prioritized, it’s a top revenue generator. And with the resources to take you further, the results should speak for themselves! 

Fostering connections with the growing SEO community 

Certification is a marketable skill that helps you showcase your experience to potential collaborators, employers, and clients. It’ll help you stand out on your resume and LinkedIn while sparking natural connections between yourself and others within the SEO ecosystem.   

Think of the Botify Pro and Botify Expert badges as a symbol of commonality. Each badge represents your abilities within Botify as well as your advanced knowledge of SEO. Therefore, when you see that someone holds the same badge as you – whether on LinkedIn, Twitter, or displayed in their office – it can open a door to opportunity. 

For one, it’s a conversation starter. You’ve both been there. Knowing you’re on the same playing field can spark a conversation to bounce ideas off one another and share valuable insights. For example, maybe this certified peer has similar responsibilities to you and they’ve just developed a workflow for their team that you’ll find interesting. Or, if you’re expanding your team, maybe you’ve been searching for someone with their exact level of expertise.   

In essence, Botify’s certification badges can foster a natural connection between you and your fellow SEO community! 

Ready to accelerate your knowledge of Botify & SEO?

Through Botify Certification, you’ll have the courses you’ll need to improve your SEO fluency, maximize your use of Botify’s platform, and accelerate your knowledge of our new products as soon as they launch. 

You can learn more about our certification program here. If you’re interested in gaining access to our e-learning platform and kicking off your certification journey, fill out the form or contact your Customer Success Manager. 

With granular insights, come great results! Botify Certification will provide you with the fuel you need to unlock your site’s true potential. 

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