Advance and Showcase Your SEO Knowledge with Botify Certification.

Advance your knowledge of Botify’s SEO methodology, platform, and processes - and get recognized for it!

Botify Certification, part of Botify Search Institute, is a multi-course, educational program that covers Botify fundamentals, as well as more advanced topics.

The program enables you to validate your expertise and distinguish yourself within the digital marketing and SEO communities with badges of certification.

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The Courses

Course 1: Botify Basics

Begin your journey on a high level introduction to Botify’s methodology and platform capabilities, covering essentials you need to get Botify up and running at your organization.

Course 2: Botify Methodology

Take a more in-depth exploration of the core logic behind Botify’s platform, to closely examine the key KPIs that Botify tracks and how to leverage them effectively.

Course 3: Botify Analytics: SiteCrawler

Gain a solid understanding of how to read and effectively utilize the data within Botify Analytics - the hub for your website’s technical & content SEO KPIs within the platform.

Course 4: Segmentation

Learn the basics of setting up segmentation, and use cases for segments in your day-to-day SEO analyses, helping you define meaningful sets for your pages.

Course 5: Filtering & Column Selectors

Understand how to navigate data within the platform to zero in on specific KPIs to make your data actionable, and see how segmentation can be used as filters to gain deeper insights.

Course 6: HTML Extracts and Reporting

Begin leveraging the power of Botify’s customized reporting, HTML extracts, and dashboards to capture and display specific, relevant and important metrics and KPIs.

Course 7: Botify Analytics: RealKeywords

Dive deeper into Botify’s keywords to gain insights into real end-user keywords performance, learn how to combine GSC data with other KPIs in Botify, and discover interesting and compelling data sets.

Course 8: Botify Analytics: LogAnalyzer

Explore Botify’s fully automated log file analysis solution to compare bot activity with real user activity, uncover more opportunities, and take your SEO analysis and workflow to the next level.

Course 9: Botify ActionBoard

Gain an introduction and tour of Botify ActionBoard - our machine learning powered dashboard filled to the brim with automated insights designed to make it easier and quicker for your SEO team to discover technical & content SEO optimizations that will have the biggest impact.