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AlertPanel: Create Custom Alerts To Proactively Detect And Prevent Your Next SEO Fire

Last year, we launched AlertPanel, an early warning system designed to detect SEO issues on your website before they turn into larger, more expensive problems. Since then, we’ve added powerful new alerts to detect various issues, such as incorrect hreflang values or broken redirects.

In this release, we’re excited to announce that you get to decide which alerts get created by building custom alerts directly in Botify. This means you can create an alert to protect your website from unexpected site and search performance issues from metrics such as an increase in URLs above a specified HTML load time, a decrease in the number of ranking pages for a specific category, or a change in URLs above or below a specified page depth.

You can create relevant alerts that matter to you most from any metric currently found in the SiteCrawler URL Explorer.

Prevent Unexpected Site And Search Performance Issues With Custom Alerts 

Imagine you’re an eCommerce website manager. Your company just launched a new, highly sought-after product line on your website that is projected to drive a ton of traffic and revenue just before a Q3 earnings call. Company executives are betting this new product line will allow them to hit their revenue target as website sales are the primary driver of revenue. The website has to work, and the pages must be visible on Google. 

To ensure Google is crawling and indexing these pages, create a custom alert to monitor if non-indexable pages increase for this new section of your website. If this increase happens, you will immediately be notified of the issue with an email and Slack alert to resolve the issue before it gets worse.    

AlertPanel doesn’t just stop at monitoring SEO issues- it detects problems on your website that could impact another department as well. In the example of the new product line pages, the merchandise team wants additional reassurance that the product inventory doesn’t drop below a certain level. To ensure nothing falls through the cracks, you can create a custom alert to notify critical stakeholders every time AlertPanel detects a rise in pages with inventory below a specified level. This way the merchandise team can proactively restock the page’s inventory, redirect the page to an equivalent experience, deprecate the page, or keep the page as is. 

This is just one of the many alerts you can create with AlertPanel. With custom alerts, you can create alerts based on any metric in Botify SiteCrawler, including:

  • Segments
  • HTML extracts
  • Structured data & breadcrumbs
  • Logs
  • Revenue and Conversion data
  • Core Web Vitals (Coming Soon)

If you’re a Botify Pro or Enterprise user, we have some helpful custom alerts to get you started. If you’re not a Botify Pro or Enterprise user, talk to your Customer Success Manager to learn more about upgrading. 

More Pre-Configured Alerts to Detect Common SEO Challenges

In addition to creating custom alerts, we added some pre-configured alerts –   ready to protect your website 24/7. They include:

  • Missing H1 tags
  • Missing titles
  • No meta descriptions

Site Performance Monitoring is Available in Botify Pro!

We’ve built AlertPanel into the Botify Pro plan thanks to you! We’ve learned from our customers with mission-critical web properties that they can’t afford to miss anything that could adversely impact their organic search performance. Whether you’re new to Botify or an existing Botify customer, please let us know you’re interested in taking advantage of the many benefits of Botify Pro.

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Alerts & Monitoring Product Features