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How to Streamline and Automate Your Content Strategy with Botify

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As a content marketer, you’ve been rolling with changes across organic search for years. Almost every major Google algorithm update has content implications — adapting to new strategies and tactics is half the battle on a content team.

The way companies have quickly adopted AI tech is only speeding up the pace of change, and that includes organic search. Google’s AI Overviews (formerly Search Generative Experience [SGE]) and Microsoft’s Copilot promise to serve more complex, comprehensive answers to consumers, while AI-powered answer engines like Perplexity AI offer yet another option in the search landscape.

You’re used to the flexibility that SEO advancements demand of content, but this velocity of change can be overwhelming. To keep up with AI in search, content marketers need to harness AI-powered solutions to streamline and automate content optimization:

  • Analyze query data at scale with AI-powered insights and recommendations
  • Optimize the most relevant segments and categories
  • Automate SEO to-do lists
  • Test and implement content optimizations at scale

As search engines enable faster and more complex content discovery, manual work will only slow you down. It may feel overwhelming, but keeping up doesn’t have to be another struggle for content marketers. Botify can help you match pace with AI-powered changes by making your everyday work more efficient, automating tedious tasks and letting you focus on creative, strategic work.

Analyze query data at scale with AI-powered insights and recommendations

In our previous article, we covered analyzing your query data to uncover insights and opportunities. One method to analyze large sets of related keywords under a common topic or theme is to segment them into clusters

Analyzing and grouping keywords manually is time-consuming. Botify uses machine learning to group keywords for you automatically, erasing missed insights from misspellings or query variations. You’ll be able to see a fuller picture of the search intent behind your queries and better understand how people are finding your website.

Optimize your most relevant segments and categories

Optimizing content within a category is another manual, lengthy task. It can boost visibility for products or pages under a similar theme, but it requires a lot of time and research to get actionable insights and do it right.

Get granular insights with segmentation

Segmenting your website by category in RealKeywords takes all the metrics we have about your pages and highlights opportunities, cutting out a ton of tedious work so you can focus on strategy and impact. 

As you approach peak seasons, segmentation helps you focus on the audience segments and website categories that are most relevant at the time.

Focus on category visibility

The Content Performance dashboard bridges the gap between technical SEO data and actionable, content-specific insights. Combining the power of your analytics data with Botify’s intelligence about your website, Content Performance reports on top-level KPIs tied to your content strategy and surfaces opportunities to improve visibility.

Your team will be able to: 

  • Focus on a given category to understand a specific subset’s performance and opportunities
  • Compare subset performance across product categories
  • Highlight category pages with insufficient products
  • Manage out-of-stock products
  • Automate identifying the primary keyword driving clicks to a page
  • Identify top pages to improve, prioritized by potential impact on traffic 
  • Find quick-win opportunities to optimize page elements like titles, H1s, and descriptions
  • Evaluate content size, link count, anchor text potential, and other page elements

Drilling down by category helps content managers and merchandisers focus on the most relevant portions of your website. You can also make better-informed decisions, as keyword data is cross-referenced with the wealth of technical information in Botify. Easily develop a data-driven list of opportunities for both new and existing content for ranking potential.

You can also deep-dive into a specific page’s performance to evaluate content size, inlinks, anchor text, and more, in addition to top keywords and GPT-4-powered suggestions. 

Automate your SEO to-do list

Yet another time-consuming task that can be automated is prioritization. How many times have you stared at a list of SEO recommendations, overwhelmed with no idea where to start or what might be most impactful?

Within Botify Intelligence is ActionBoard, your prioritized SEO to-do list. It uses machine learning to analyze thousands of your website metrics to populate a list of important actions to take, giving you the confidence to tackle high-impact updates first. 

Helpful guidance in ActionBoard makes it even easier to identify, understand, and act on those impactful optimizations. You can drill down into areas like thin content, duplicate content, internationalization, and title optimization to prioritize your content opportunities.

Plus, with AlertPanel, you can set up custom alerts to be notified via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams about changes such as a drop in the number of ranking pages for specific categories or a rise in blog articles flagged for thin or duplicate content.

Find the best candidates for content optimization

Knowing which content to optimize is half the battle. Content audits are resource-intensive and manual, and it’s not simple to find low-hanging fruit quickly.

Within Botify Analytics, you can apply a few filters using SiteCrawler’s URL Explorer to easily identify top candidates for optimization, cutting out a huge amount of manual work in favor of strategic quick wins. Streamline your update queue by segmenting your pages via publish date within your structured data, combining that with performance data to find old content where clicks have fallen off.

Test and implement content optimizations at scale

An ongoing obstacle to truly effective content optimization has always been experimentation. There’s never been an easy answer to testing, deploying, and measuring content updates, and often content teams have to rely on anecdotal evidence rather than data-based insights.

That all changes with a new capability in Botify. SplitTesting lets you easily test optimizations to identify the most impactful fixes (and also deprioritize the least.) 

Just a few examples of questions you can answer via SEO split testing:

  • How will impressions be impacted if I add signals like “latest,” “new,” or “breakthrough” in the product descriptions?
  • Will pages with a certain keyword in their description get more clicks than similar pages without this keyword?
  • Will AI-written titles perform better than human-written ones?
  • Will adding structured data to my pages increase their CTR?
  • Will adding CTAs in titles impact CTR?

Evidence-based SEO split testing gives you the power to make smart content decisions that are rooted in data. Since it’s just a few clicks to set up a test, your content team gains the independence to deploy and roll back changes at scale on your own, letting you iterate faster than ever. 

The best part, though? You can show the impact of any changes you make quickly and clearly, tying your results directly to the ecosystem of metrics in Botify that illustrate how your work affects traffic, visibility, and even revenue. Get started on setting up a split test by partnering with your technical SEO team or your account manager at Botify.

Bonus: Speedy GPT-4 insights and in-browser smart tools

Another pro tip for streamlining your content marketing work with Botify: access GPT-4-powered insights using our platform’s AI chatbot, Botify Assist. It provides a conversational, simple-to-use medium to facilitate tasks like landing page analysis, optimizations to prioritize, on-page SEO signals, and more.

You can also use Botify’s Chrome Extension while browsing your website to assess your content at the URL level for actionable insights.

Content work doesn’t have to be overwhelming or manual. Insights don’t have to be obscure or difficult to uncover, and showing ROI no longer requires educated guesses and anecdotes. As a content manager, you can partner with your SEO counterparts to automate and streamline everyday tasks to propel you toward the implementation, testing, and results phase of content optimization, with the added benefit of using metrics and data to show your precise impact on the business.

Ready for a closer look at how these features can help level-up your content marketing and SEO strategy? We’d love to talk —  book a demo with us here.

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