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Crawl Smarter, Larger, Faster
with SiteCrawler

What you get

SiteCrawler, part of the Botify Analytics suite, gives enterprise SEO teams the power to evaluate the structure and content of their websites just like a search engine — without those pesky crawl budget limitations.

Our cloud-based crawler lets you perform the crawl you want, fast: up to 50 million URLs per crawl at a rate of 250 URLs crawled per second and 100 URLs rendered per second. And with the 1,000+ data points you’ll get back, there’s nothing you won’t know about your site.

Crawl All Your Digital Assets

SiteCrawler enables you to crawl all versions of your pages, like AMP, mobile, desktop, canonical versions, country versions, and more.

Completely Customizable Crawls

Botify gives you complete control over your crawls with customizations like virtual robots.txt, crawl rate limits, crawl start selection, and more.

A Crawler Built for
the Scale of Your Enterprise Site

SiteCrawler is made for large, complex sites. That means you won’t get stuck waiting days (or even weeks!) for your crawl to complete.

Analyze Your Data
‍Over Time

SiteCrawler lets you look at your site like a movie, not just a snapshot. With regular crawls stored in the Botify platform, you can easily see changes over time.

SiteCrawler empowers SEOs by showing them every factor that matters to search engines, and fast. Want to see it in action? Request your demo today!

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