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ActionBoard Is Your Prioritized SEO To-Do List

What you get

Go from “Where should I start?” to “Let’s get to work!” with our prioritized list of SEO actions. ActionBoard analyzes the thousands of metrics we know about your website to identify and prioritize the most important actions to take. No more manually combing through your data.

Not only does ActionBoard save you time, but it gives you confidence. When you have the data to support that your project will have a positive impact on traffic and revenue, you’re sure to get the buy-in you need.

Save Time With
Prioritized Actions

Spend less time wading through data and more time on strategy.

View Suggestions by
Projected Impact

See recommendations in order of how much impact they’ll have on your site.

Propose SEO Projects
With Confidence

With data-backed suggestions, you can move forward with confidence and get the buy-in you need.

Filter to View SEO
Actions By Theme

Group all actions of a similar type, such as all internal linking suggestions or all canonical tag suggestions.

Get Fresh Recommendations
With Every Crawl

Suggestions are proactive and ongoing, updated after each crawl.

Get Technical and Content

Get recommendations for improving the technical health of your site as well as your content quality.

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