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New Year, New Brand: How Botify Is Helping You Unlock Hidden Potential in 2020

By The Botify Team

Botify rebrand

It’s an exciting day for us Botifyers because, as you may have noticed, we’ve officially launched our rebrand! What better time to do so than at the start of a new year and a new decade?

But why did we spend the last few months completely overhauling our brand strategy, image, voice, and website? To understand that, we’ll need to rewind. 

It’s 2012, and Adrien Menard, Stan Chauvin, and Thomas Grange have realized a huge problem — most of the SEO tools on the market focus on keywords and links, yet a huge chunk of the pages on large websites aren’t even being crawled (our 2018 study revealed that number was 51% not crawled!). If search engines aren’t even crawling the pages, all the on-page SEO in the world has little hope of getting them indexed and ranking.

Enterprise SEOs needed a solution that addressed every phase of search, and so Botify was born. Since then, Botify’s goal has been to help SEOs who work on some of the largest, most complex sites on the web improve how the sites they manage are crawled, rendered, indexed, rank, and convert (what we call the “full-funnel SEO methodology”).

What does it mean to “unlock hidden potential”?

When we set out to re-think our brand, we knew we wanted our public-facing image to more closely reflect the reason Botify was founded and what continues to drive us today — the desire to help enterprise brands unlock hidden potential. But what does that mean?

51% of pages not found by search engines represents a huge amount of missed opportunity. Imagine the lift in rankings, organic traffic, and revenue you could enjoy by helping search engines find more of your critical pages! In other words, most enterprise websites are a gold mine of potential — you just need the tools to help you find it. 

We believe that this message is so foundational to our DNA that everything from our colors to our logo to our messaging strategy all support it. 

Where can you find “unlock hidden potential” in Botify’s new brand?

  • Our logo: Notice the “o” in Botify? Tucked away in the negative space is a magnifying glass! It represents not only Search, but how Botify helps you find potential opportunities in your website.
  • Our colors: Botify is still purple, but what’s unique about this new shade of purple is that it’s the color a link changes once it’s clicked on the SERPs! When Botify helps SEOs get search engines to find more of their critical pages, searchers will find and click on them too. 
  • Our message: Our brand DNA of unlocking hidden potential translates into five key messages for us: we help enterprise brands increase their website ROI, improve their audience/customer experience, mitigate risk, simplify complexity, and empower SEOs to evangelize the power of SEO throughout their organization. 

How will Botify continue to help SEOs unlock hidden potential in 2020?

At the end of last year, we announced a number of exciting product updates — Botify Intelligence (including ActionBoard and AlertPanel) and Botify Activation (including FastIndex) — and in 2020, customers will begin to have access to these tools. If you’re a Botify customer, be sure to talk to your CSM about this!

Our goal has always been to help enterprise brands unlock hidden potential by giving them all the data they’d need to make high-impact decisions, but these additions take unlocking hidden potential to the next level.

Now, not only can our customers have access to data from every phase of search all in a single platform, but they can get it in a way that:

  • Automatically prioritizes based on impact (ActionBoard)
  • Proactively alerts you if something goes wrong (AlertPanel)
  • Enables you to automate manual tasks (FastIndex)

Enterprise SEOs get to enjoy the same fast, high-quality data they’ve come to rely on, now with increased speed, maximum impact, and greater efficiency. 

Our hope for the new 

“Rebrand” is a bit of a misnomer. Although we did completely overhaul our brand identity, it doesn’t quite capture another huge undertaking this project involved — our website redesign! not only looks different, it is different. 

Here’s what we did:

  • Repacked the information about our platform: Visit our platform overview page and you’ll not only be met with an interactive graphic that explains the methodology behind our platform, but an explainer of Botify Analytics, Botify Intelligence, and Botify Activation — and how the three suites fit together.
  • Added solutions pages: We built Botify to solve our customers problems, but how we do that wasn’t immediately apparent on our website. Now, you can visit our solutions section to see how Botify meets the needs of SEOs in specific verticals (e-commerce, publisher, classifieds, and travel) as well as different job functions (technical SEO, content teams, and executives).
  • Overhauled our blog: Since March of 2019, we’ve been investing in producing high-quality content that addresses the challenges enterprise SEOs face on a daily basis, but that information wasn’t always easy to find. We’ve revamped our blog so it’s now easier to search and filter by your category of interest. 
  • Created a new customer feature section: One of the features we’re most excited about is Trust Your SEO, a new section of our website that celebrates some of the amazing SEOs we’re lucky to work with on a daily basis. Learn about their experience and how they’re using Botify to help their companies and clients unlock hidden potential by visiting our Customer Success page!
  • Improved our site search: Finding information on our site should be easy, which is why we launched a brand-new site search feature to help you navigate to the pages, articles, and resources you’re after, quicker than ever. 

Everything we did, we did to transform our site into a hub of easy-to-navigate, trusted resources for SEOs and the brands they work for. We sincerely hope it provides value to you and your team!

Here’s to unlocking hidden potential in 2020 and beyond!

From all of us at Botify, we hope everything from our product innovations to our new website help you and your team drive some serious results in 2020. Here’s to not only more of your important pages indexed and driving qualified traffic, but also to making 2020 the year when SEO is valued and prioritized throughout the organization. 

Let’s make it happen! 

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