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Adrien Menard, CEO Of Botify, Sits With BFM TV

Adrien Menard, CEO of Botify, sits with BFM TV

8th March 2019Botify NewsBotify News

Adrien Menard, Botify’s CEO and co-founder, sat with Sabrina Quagliozzi for an interview at BFM TV to talk about our recent fundraising and the challenges enterprises are facing in SEO.

S: Please introduce Botify for our audience.
A: Botify just raised $20 Million in series B to help enterprises improve their organic search performance, bringing our total funding to $27M. It all started with the observation that, on average, search engines ignore 50% of an enterprise website’s content and, obviously, a page that is ignored by the search engines is a page that will neither get traffic nor generate revenue.

Botify has created methodologies, supported by an easy-to-use platform, to help enterprises address this challenge.

S: How does it work?
A: Botify is the link between search engines such as Google, Bing or Yandex that want to index quality content and web and mobile sites that want to have their best content indexed to gain visibility and revenue.

S: You opened an office in New York in 2016 and are already doing 50% of your revenue in the US. Sounds like it is a success?
A: Indeed it is. And for a simple reason: compared to other channels, organic search is a much more sustainable and profitable channel. On average organic traffic represents 30% to 40% of a website’s total traffic, compared to 4% represented by paid channels. Enterprises want to maximize the organic channels because they know the return is greater.

Today we have 470 clients around the world and work with global enterprises such as Expedia, Macy’s, Cond√© Nast, Nike.

S: Can you share a quick use case?
A: So let’s consider a retailer with around 100,000 products available on its website. By using Botify the retailer noticed that only 50% of these products were actually known by search engines. So they used our technology to first demonstrate the problem internally and then to fix the issues causing it. By working with Botify they drastically improved how many product pages were seen by search engines, driving more customers to these pages, and thus boosting their revenue.

S: You just opened a new office in Seattle? Why Seattle?
A: Seattle is our 4th office after Paris, London, and New York. The West Coast has a lot of big enterprise companies that need our services so we chose Seattle to be closer to some of our larger clients and to cover a wider range of time zones. Today, the West Coast is already 25% of our revenue.

S: Do you have a specific type of clients?
A: 40% of our clients are retailers but we built methodologies that can apply to any type of websites. Therefore we also have marketplaces, publishers, and travel clients as well as global agencies that use our technology to provide recommendations to their clients.

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