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Do You Speak Russian? The Botify Logs Analyzer Does!

Do You Speak Russian? The Botify Logs Analyzer Does!

24th June 2014AnnabelleAnnabelle

It does, in a way: Botify’s Logs Analyzer now extracts data left in your server logs by Yandex.

Does the name sound familiar? The main Russian search engine made the headlines all around the world last year, when it overtook Microsoft’s Bing as the #4 search engine worldwide – the podium being held by #1 Google (who else), #2 China’s Baidu and #3 Yahoo.

That’s important news because it means that the Botify Logs Analyzer significantly extended its footprint over the worldwide search engine market.

Up until recently, we analyzed Google and Bing only: combined, the two search engines covered roughly between 85% and 99% of the search market both in the Americas and in Southern and Western Europe. For instance:

  • In the USA, according to ComScore, Google and Bing combined had 86% of the search engine market last month (67% for Google and 19% for Microsoft).
  • in Latin America, Google had a little over 90% of the search market in 2013 (ComScore figures as well).
  • in Europe, depending on sources and countries, Google’s marketshare fluctuates roughly between 85 and 95%. According to Webcertain, Google and Bing combined represent 96 to 99% of the European search market.

If we add Russia to the European picture, guess who’s # 2? Yes, it’s Yandex!

90% of the Russian market covered

In Russia, its home country, Yandex represents more than half of all searches. Here are search engine marketshares for May 2014, according to www.liveinternet.ru:

search engines market share in Russia in May 2014

Bonus: check the
latest trend in daily internet search volume in Russia for these top 3 search engines.

All flavors of Yandex bots analyzed

The Botify Logs Analyzer now processes organic visits from Yandex and crawl from all flavors of Yandex bots, including:

  • Yandexbot
  • YandexImages
  • YandexVideo
  • YandexMedia
  • YandexBlogs
  • YandexImageResizer (for mobile services)

Yandex analysis is an opt-in option

To avoid any unecessary data processing delay, Yandex data extraction is not activated automatically. Let us know if you want us to turn it on for you.

This comes in addition to *search engines the Botify Logs Analyzer processes by default *:

  • Googlebot and cohort
    • Googlebot (generic web search)
    • Googlebot Images
    • Googlebot Video
    • Google Smartphone
    • Google Mobile
    • Google Adsense (Mediapartners for Google’s Adsense)
  • Bing
    • Bingbot

We’ve got the world covered!

Turn on Baidu and Yahoo for Asia

And if your site targets the Asian market, we can also add:

  • The chinese #1 search engine, Baidu, and its various bots,
  • Yahoo, which is only significant in Asia (#1 in Japan, #2 behind Google in a few other countries).

Which means we’ve got the world covered, with very few exceptions. South Korea for instance, where local search engines Naver and Daum dominate the market – we can add those, too, if you need them.

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