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What You Say About Botify

What You Say About Botify

17th December 2015Botify NewsBotify News

At Botify, we have one thing on our mind: customer satisfaction. Every day, we work at making a better product, with one goal in mind: help you define and implement the best strategy for your website.

That is not a simple task, considering that a significant portion of our clients are very large Enterprise customers.

Whoever you are, we are always grateful to receive feedback, to see what we are doing right and what can be improved, for every type of customer.

Here is what we hear from you:

Botify Makes Your Life Easier

We know how busy you are, so we want you to have the most relevant information handy to make the best decisions.

Used it for the 1st time today- I found it to be a great tool. I use all your competitors but I have to say – I like this way better. Clear and easy to understand.

Posted by Chad Harris on Wednesday, April 8, 2015

It was like a rebirth, when I started using Botify. Now my life is easier.

An customer from the UK, with a full-service Digital Agency

We were using crawlers before, but only occasionally. Botify is a truly pro application that we use on a daily basis.

A customer from the UK, with an e-commerce website

Plenty of New Stuff Coming Your Way – And You Like It

We regularly add new features – some of which come directly from your feedback – and do our best to help you make the most of Botify.

I just realised that every new crawl I run is being compared with the previous one in order to see the progression made (Insights graph). This is a great feature.

A global customer from the Travel Industry

I can’t keep up with all the great educational info you guys are sending through by email, please keep all goodies coming in.

A global customer with classifieds websites

Thank you for a great product, we look forward to any upcoming features.

A customer from the UK in the Travel Industry

We’re There When You Need Us

We want you to have the best experience while using our product, and certainly don’t want any of your questions to hang unanswered. So don’t hesitate, just ask! You can reach our support team at“> or directly via the Botify interface).

This is the type of customer support I remember. Thank you!

The Botify team is the best. Helped me understand which part of my website was never going to be indexed. And what to do to change this.

A customer from the US with an e-commerce website

You guys have a killer customer experience team.

… We Do Need To Spread the Word About Our App, Though!

Thanks to all of you for writing a few words that put a smile on our faces, and for all your suggestions – from small changes to the most challenging feature requests.

Keep telling us what you think! Feel free to drop a line using this form, via twitter (@botify), or of course in the blog comments.

Have a wonderful Holiday, and see you next year!

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