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MarTech Includes Botify As An Industry Leader Of Enterprise SEO Software Sector

MarTech Includes Botify as an Industry Leader of Enterprise SEO Software Sector

18th January 2018Kevin BartleyKevin Bartley

Botify was named one of the “industry leaders” of the enterprise SEO software sector in MarTech Today’s latest report, Enterprise SEO Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide!

We were recently invited to participate in the 8th annual edition of the report, along with fifteen other industry-leading enterprise SEO companies. The report includes keen insights about the future of enterprise SEO, in addition to discussing the key challenges that face the industry today.

This recognition comes after Botify experienced a year of fast growth that yielded incisive advancements in our platform capabilities. The largest of those innovations was Botify Keywords, a solution that made Botify the first platform to reconcile search intent with technical SEO.

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MarTech Today Lays Out Insights & Challenges for Enterprise SEO in 2018. Botify Answers the Big Ones.

MarTech Today’s most recent report found that organic search “remains the most important step in the purchase funnel,” accounting for up to 95% of all desktop traffic, far outdoing other channels. Meanwhile, 93% of digital marketers have enacted search optimization strategies to capture this continually dominant channel.

The report states that SEO-related spending is expected to reach “a staggering $80 billion by 2020.” Over 50% of digital marketers will employ a third party service to assist in the management of their SEO efforts.

The report notes, however, that single point tools that focus only on one form of optimization “can’t offer the full range of services provided by an enterprise SEO tool.” MarTech stresses the importance of a comprehensive SEO solution, and not just a single tool that only deals with one aspect of optimization.

Botify has a drive for comprehensiveness. Our solution is a full scale SEO platform that enables optimizations for all stages of the organic search process, offering full visibility into the crawling, indexing, and ranking of all web pages through access to 500+ technical SEO KPIs. A data-driven, one stop shop for advanced search optimization, if you will.

The Future is Mobile-First, The Frontrunners are Mobile-Ready

In the report, MarTech Today’s highlights that mobile devices accounted for 53% of all organic search engine visits as of the third quarter of 2017. This comports with some of our own data on the topic. According to the report, the biggest concern in the midst of this mobile traffic majority remains Google’s impending mobile-first index.

One piece of advice from Google’s John Mueller for recognizing when you’ve been transitioned to the mobile-first index was to use SEO log file analysis to monitor how your site is crawled. Botify was the first company to apply SEO analysis to log files, and we remain the premier platform in this regard, allowing enterprise clients to understand how Google is crawling their site.

MarTech’s report finds that the mobile traffic majority has raised the prominence of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Botify is the only platform that can both discover and crawl AMP pages at scale, allowing customers to audit their AMP pages with Botify’s voluminous technical SEO KPIs.

Keywords: Real Search Queries More Important Than Ever

The report goes on to discuss the relevance of keywords in the current SEO environment. Its assessment was that “keyword, content, and other ranking factors remain important.” More than simple keyword matching, user intent is at the heart of this priority.

In terms of keyword solutions, the report discussed the importance of “proprietary ‚Äòkeyword not provided’ tools to provide keyword data where Google doesn’t”. This means enterprise tools are providing users access to data lost when Google encrypted organic search traffic and stopped showing site owners keyword information.

Botify Keywords, one of our biggest releases of 2017, was our answer to this reality, born from a vision that merged advanced technical SEO with real rankings. Botify Keywords draws real user queries from Google Search Console at a massive scale, but also functions as a “keyword not provided” solution that fills in the gap for keywords that Google cannot or will not provide.

With Botify Keywords, rank tracking and user intent are paired with hundreds of technical SEO metrics across all keywords. This unmatched visibility, along with Botify Keyword’s ability to pull over a million keywords per site, gives our customers unrivaled insight into their keywords.

Botify and “Industry Leaders” See Ahead of the Curve

Thanks to MarTech for including us as one of the top enterprise SEO platforms on the market in this latest report! As the report shows, our platform makes us “industry leaders” because our solutions meet the big challenges in enterprise SEO, all while anticipating tomorrow’s trends, such as JavaScript and Structured Data optimizations.

In an industry with hundreds of companies, and billions of dollars in market capitalization, we’re excited to continue the growth and innovation that separates us from the pack; 2018 will be filled with more big and bold moves, so stay tuned!

Download MarTech’s full report for the complete overview, or book a demo to see Botify in action on your site.

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