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It’s Classified: SEO Highlights From The Botify Meetup

It’s Classified: SEO Highlights from the Botify Meetup

20th March 2017ElizabethElizabeth

How do SEO experts tackle site structure and optimizations for Enterprise-level marketplace sites? It’s Classified!
Classifieds SEO Meetup

With unpredictable site structures, Classifieds and Marketplace sites must work around challenging factors in optimizing for organic traffic. SEOs face off against rapidly expiring pages, complex navigation and categorization, and huge volumes of pages to index, rank, and drive traffic.

Botify Meetup: Top SEO Challenges of Classifieds Websites

Expert speakers from the Yellow Pages, Figaro Classifieds, and digital agency NetBooster were on-hand to share their tricks for staying ahead of fast-moving sites and tough competition.

They spoke of their experience and tips for how they manage SEO for Enterprise-scale Classifieds. One by one, our round-table panelists addressed the Top SEO Challenges:

1. Content

SEO trick: Yellow Pages’ directory page with a description over 100 words performs better

2. Ranking and Type of Traffic

In 2007, 1 out of 4 Google searches were new. In 2017, how many Google searches have never been searched before?
And the answer?

3. Volume & Page Life Cycles

Classified ads that expire after 1 month are saved in a different template and not listed by Le Figaro

Classifieds sites prohibit crawl of pagination to better manage the volume of pages

Control Google’s Crawl Budget on sites which large volumes of pages with Logs and HTTP 304 codes

4. Navigation

Managing empty ad listing pages: Remove linking or add similar products/models to the page

Prioritize listing pages without pagination to save Crawl Budget.

5. The role (or not) of Rich Snippets

Rich snippets still have a role to play for many Enterprise-level SEOs. Our panelists agreed that there is significant value to be found in rich snippets, which can encourage click-through rates in competitive search engine results pages.

6. Mobile SEO Traffic

Mobile is the theme of the year for many SEOs, with AMP pages and the Mobile-First Index on everyone’s minds.

7. Competition

Staying ahead of your competitors is every SEO specialist’s eternal challenge. Every step of site optimization is done to be well-perceived in the eyes of Google, rank in search results, and rank ahead of the competition.

Classifieds & Marketplace SEO

A big thank you to everyone who attended and, of course, to our great speakers. With hard-won wisdom on facing the challenges uniquely faced by Classifieds sites, we hope you feel more ready to tackle what comes next for your SEO.

Botify Meetups

Stay tuned for future Botify Meetups in London, New York, and Paris! Join us to learn the ins and outs of technical SEO from the people who know it best.

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