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The Tool SEO Teams Rely On for Mobile Search.

We built Botify to help SEOs meet the challenges of mobile-first indexing with ease and efficiency. Whether you need to prepare for mobile-first indexing, audit dynamically served content, or track your SERP performance with mobile searchers, Botify has you covered.

To ensure your site is optimized for mobile search, Botify gives you accurate data on your page versions at scale, collected automatically, with clear and flexible reporting.

How does Botify help with mobile SEO?

Review mobile and desktop
parity with ease

Compare mobile and desktop pages at a glance with pixel-perfect device analysis. Ensure optimal mobile performance and content parity for the mobile-first index.

Monitor search engine crawlers
with log analysis

See how desktop and smartphone search engine crawlers visit your pages in real time. Spot problems fast and react with agility.

Track mobile search trends
and performance

Know how mobile searchers are finding your pages, where you’re ranking on mobile, and what type of experience you’re serving your mobile visitors

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