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Case Study: How to convert high-quality online traffic to incremental revenue with 29X ROI

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September 24, 2021
The Botify Team

The marriage between an Innovative e-commerce site and an enterprise SEO solution led to substantial revenue growth from organic search.

In Japan, a renowned e-commerce food & beverage retailer has answered the call for innovation. In that market, 65% of customers in Japan like to order their food from both the web and/or an app. To drive additional online revenue, the brand decided to empower customers to order their meals online via their website, in addition to their app. Customers can then conveniently pick up the food in the nearest store.

Challenges & Objectives

Covid-19 has altered consumer behaviour in fundamental ways. Consumers refrained from leaving their homes and instead searched and shopped online, going out primarily for essential in-store buying and pickups. Therefore, the 2020 launch of the company's online order platform through their website became a critical project for the brand. It was not only positioned as one of the main revenue growth drivers during the pandemic, but it was also designed to greatly enhance the customer experience with the brand.

The brand discovered that 47% of their traffic - millions of customers every month - comes to their website from organic search (at zero cost of acquisition of course).

How can the brand fully capitalize the organic traffic and convert it into additional sales through their online ordering platform?

To make the new online ordering channel generate substantial and sustainable sales revenue as efficiently as possible, there were two main drivers that the brand needed to sort out:

  • How to drive more quality traffic to the site, and
  • How to drive conversions of consumers to order from the menu and product pages

How Botify Helped

Botify helped the brand to make this critical mission come alive with its enterprise SEO solution.

The brand adopted Botify's full funnel search methodology and leveraged its unified data model, powered by the integration of all of the critical first-party search datasets (crawl, logs, keywords, visits, and revenue data) into a central platform. In doing so, the brand was able to garner insights at every stage of the search process, starting from crawl budget analysis and indexability through to ranking and conversions. Thorough SEO audits gave them a holistic view into the performance of their website, including metrics on content visibility, site pages indexability, key valuable pages and unexpected or unknown technical issues. Furthermore, Botify provided prescriptive insights to help them prioritize their website optimizations.

Important milestones were achieved in these areas:

  • Crawl budget optimization
  • Parameter and facet control
  • Content quality optimization
  • Internal link optimization
  • Mobile optimization

Additionally, because Botify can integrate, store, and analyze revenue and conversion data alongside other SEO data, the brand was able to easily attribute the impact of organic search on e-commerce sales.

SEO Roadmap and Strategies for an e-commerce site to drive online traffic
SEO roadmap and strategies applied through the entire online buying journey from search to convert

Benefits & Results

E-Commerce conversion rate and revenue from organic traffic has been growing steadily over the past 12 months.

After 12 months of the launch of this project, organic traffic accounts for 56% of the total traffic to the online ordering platform and 67% of the total revenue.

From zero to hero, this new channel contributed to a significant amount of additional sales, helping them achieve a 29X ROI for the business.

The keys to success:

  1. A holistic view of the website and insight into customer intents in order to tailor and personalize online experiences
  2. Deployment of the right SEO strategies using a full-funnel approach to drive organic traffic and conversions
  3. Machine learning and AI-powered technology to automate the development of prioritized action plans, driving efficiency and business impact
  4. Tight collaboration between the brand, the Botify team, and additional agency partners throughout the entire project -from configuration, customization, and training - to ensure maximum success.

In Their Words

"Over the last 12 months, Botify has been a crucial partner in helping us capitalize our website traffic to generate sales through our new online ordering platform. Botify enables us to get insights on customer intent and identify opportunities to improve content visibility to search engines and conversion paths. Working with Botify's professional SEO experts, we succeeded in integrating the Botify platform into our web operation workflow and onboarded our agencies to effectively turn insights into actions."

Interested in learning more about how Botify can help you unleash the power of your website? Contact us for a discussion or Request a Demo today!

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