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Breaking News! Introducing Custom Reports Monitoring: Get Instant Access To Botify’s Latest Insights

By The Botify Team

Breaking News! Introducing Custom Reports Monitoring: Get Instant Access to Botify’s Latest Insights

21st December 2017Kevin BartleyKevin Bartley

Take advantage of Botify’s freshest crawl insights via email with our newest feature, Custom Reports monitoring!

Custom Reports monitoring takes total data control to the next level. Get bespoke insights delivered directly to your email inbox. This kind of immediate SEO insight increases team efficiency, bolsters company communication, enables bug detection, and tells the next chapter of your website’s story, as it’s happening.


Let Your SEO Results Speak For You!

Capture unprecedented insights into the trends and data that define your website. With this unique feature, you have full control over the reporting process, from start to finish. This allows you to receive emailed reports, that you have defined, chosen from 500+ SEO KPIs, self-created metrics tables, or any Botify chart, graph, insight, or table.

SEOs can build custom dashboards based on their industry (retail, travel, marketplaces or publishers). Track recent optimizations such as AMP, JavaScript, internal linking, HTTPS, and more.

A few of our customers’ favorite Custom Reports include:

  • Desktop vs. mobile traffic (clicks by device, CTR by segment by device, impressions by segment by device)
  • Content quality vs. crawl metrics (crawl frequency, content staleness, average percentage of unique content by segment)
  • New ranking URLs (average position by segment, missed clicks by segment, ranking trends)
  • Crawl budget reporting (active URLs, crawl volume on orphan URLs, average page depth)


Of course, these are only examples. Custom Reports offer countless possible combinations. And now Custom Reports monitoring lets you share these possibilities instantly with you and your team members, so nobody ever has to go searching around for results.

Easily communicate these results to a manager, an agency, a marketing department, or any other party involved with search optimization. Now it’s even simpler for you to collaborate with your team using Botify’s unmatched analysis!

The Right Reports, Right Away

Your website has a story to tell. Custom Reports monitoring combines customization with ease of use in a way that tells your website’s story, as soon as it happens, to everyone who has a stake in your project.

Access Custom Reports monitoring by enabling the email scheduling tab in the Custom Reports dashboard. Take advantage of the instant analysis, with 500+ SEO KPIs, so you can capture the trends and metrics that matter the most to your website!

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