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The Next Phase of Botify: Giving SEOs Autonomy to Optimize & Prove Their ROI

By The Botify Team

Today more than ever, brands are looking for ways to stay relevant, engage their customers, and understand buying behavior so that they can capture more conversions and revenue.

Despite the fact that ~80,000 searches are conducted every second and typically one-third to one-half of a website’s traffic comes from organic search, SEO has remained significantly under-invested and underutilized, labeled with adjectives like “slow” “opaque” and “unmeasurable.” 

Why is that?

While there are many possible explanations for SEO being siloed away from other teams and largely off the CMO’s radar, some of the main reasons include:

  • Understanding the impact of organic search on larger business goals has always been difficult.
  • Knowing what optimizations will have the greatest impact is challenging 
  • Implementing SEO requires reliance on other departments with conflicting priorities
  • SEO’s past as a seedy, blackhat set of tricks and tactics 

That’s about to change.

New tools and features with a focus on results

SEO is here to stay, but the modern web has only made it more complex due to technologies like JavaScript. SEO teams will need to adapt at scale, but continue to struggle with implementation, as resource constraints often keep them from executing their optimizations. 

That’s why we’ve evolved over the years from a purely data model to now offer insights and automation. 

We want to empower SEOs with the tools they need to remove the complexity of SEO implementation — to be self-reliant and effective, make SEO faster, more transparent, ROI-measurable, and turn SEO technology into a must-have for every enterprise website.

When that happens, organic search will be valued as the performance marketing channel it actually is. 

Here’s how we’re helping you do that.  

Botify Activation: Faster, easier, & automatic SEO  

One of the biggest barriers to SEO success is often executing the work. With limited resources and reliance on other teams, many SEO projects never even get off the ground. The ones that do often require manual effort that takes a lot of time to complete. 

We first announced Botify Activation, the third in our line of three suites of SEO solutions, in October 2019 with the release of its first feature FastIndex, a solution for automatically creating and submitting sitemaps for faster indexing.

To continue that goal of making SEO faster, easier, and more automated, we’re proud to announce SpeedWorkers. 

What is SpeedWorkers? 

SpeedWorkers is our dynamic rendering solution that solves two huge problems facing modern SEO: speed-related crawl budget issues and JavaScript-loaded content missed by search engines. 

By pre-rendering your content for bots, bots get faster pages, giving them more time to crawl more of the pages on your site. This allows you to get more of your valuable, revenue-generating pages in the index, faster. 

Pre-rendering your content for bots also ensures that they don’t miss any of your JavaScript-loaded content and links, which is a problem because currently, it’s difficult for search engine bots to process JavaScript successfully or immediately.  

While some companies use server-side rendering as a solution to these problems, not everyone has the time or resources for that. Dynamic rendering is a faster, cheaper option that’s been recommended by search engines like Google and Bing, and SpeedWorkers is a reliable way to leverage it.    

We will continue to build out Botify Activation to provide even more ways to help the SEO practitioner get more done, protect the engineering team’s time so they can focus on the users, and drive measurable, sustainable revenue for the C-suite. 

AlertPanel: Identify SEO issues before it’s too late 

AlertPanel is an early warning system that monitors your site 24/7 to catch SEO issues before they become bigger (and more expensive!).

The C-suite will appreciate the way AlertPanel mitigates risk by catching issues before they have a negative impact on revenue. SEO practitioners (especially the ones that work on large sites!) will appreciate the fact that they won’t have to manually scan for these issues anymore, leaving less room for things to fall between the cracks.

More to come

With these releases, our hope is that SEO practitioners experience fewer roadblocks, get greater investment and resources, and earn their rightful recognition as top revenue-drivers for their organizations. 

In the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing even more in-depth information about each of our new and upcoming solutions.

Stay tuned!

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