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Why Try Botify? See For Yourself With This Twitter Round-up!

Why try Botify? See for yourself with this Twitter round-up!

31st August 2016ElizabethElizabeth

Why is Botify so great? Why should you want to know more about our log analysis and web crawling tool?

Botify is a powerful (award-winning!) cloud-based platform designed to make SEO optimizations easier than ever with deep, granular insights into your website and Google’s crawl. But, don’t take our word for it – hear it directly from the people who use it!

Check out the latest Twitter round-up of what people have to say about Botify!

SEOs are excited to get started

SEO specialists around the globe are excited to try out Botify for their websites. Ecommerce, publishers, classifieds – your complex site structures are no problem for our crawler!

The Botify platform keeps you on your toes

We’re always developing new features and improving your experience in the Botify platform. What do you want to see next to make your SEO dreams come true?

Our events are big hits

*Thanks for the meetup, it was really great!*

*Well, yes with speakers like Benoit and Dimitri it’s a can’t-miss!*

(Great news! Meet-up #4 is on the books for September 22nd and will be helping publishers boost SEO traffic with Content Quality! Stay tuned for updates)

Botify hosts monthly meet-ups covering all sorts of SEO topics that your inquiring minds want to know! With a range of formats including round-tables, guest speakers, and Botify experts, our events help you boost revenue, drive organic traffic, and optimize your site structure for real results.

Botifiers like staying informed – and sharing with their fellow SEOs

To put it simply…

Convinced? Try Botify now to see what all the fuss is about.

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Product Features Success Stories