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Let’s Do That Again! Segmentation Replay Is Here

Let’s do that again! Segmentation Replay is here

6th April 2017ElizabethElizabeth

Have you ever wanted to compare current and past analyses, only to realize that you updated your pagetype categorization in the meantime? Now your data sets don’t match and you can’t compare the evolution of your KPIs.

Now you can! Botify now offers an unrivaled way to update your data and get back to business – Segmentation Replay allows you to save time, money, and get re-segmented reports.

No re-crawling, no complicated data comparisons. Simply apply a new segmentation to a past analysis, and go!
Segmentation Replay Botify

Segmentation Replay is here.

Update past analyses with new segmentation – without having to re-crawl!

It happens – your site evolves, you realize you missed a section, or you just want to better parse the types of pages of your site. You update your pagetype segmentation, but then you want to evaluate the progress of your KPIs and you can’t!

Now, Botify enables you to apply any Saved Segmentation set-up to past analyses to get all your data up to speed. No need to recrawl – just apply it to the analysis of your choice and your data is re-processed with your applied segments.

Save time and compare crawls with ease, with Segmentation Replay

  • Easily re-segment a report
  • No need to re-crawl, saving Crawl credits
  • No engineering support required

Whether you launched your first SEO crawl before you defined your segmentation, or you simply refined it since a previous crawl, it can be frustrating to spend time and resources having to re-analyze a report you already have. With Botify’s Segmentation Replay, you can apply new segmentation rules to pre-existing analyses.
Segmentation Replay pagetype SEO

  • Apply new rules to an existing project without crawling again
  • Apply theses rules to any former analyses

Botify is leading the industry once again with features that make your work easier. When re-crawling your site might take hours or days, Segmentation Replay means you’re up and running with a re-segmented analysis in a matter of minutes!

Get more meaningful insights with Segmentation

Segmentation Replay pagetype analysis
Technical SEO analysis becomes infinitely more useful and impactful when your site’s data is filtered and organized by distinct segments of pages or pagetypes. See precisely how one area of your site is performing across a range of powerful indicators, and hone in on the specific URLs to optimize to gain Crawl Budget, resolve errors, or improve SEO performance.

Apply new segmentation to previous crawl reports to enrich your technical SEO analysis!

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