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Put Every Project In Its Place With Botify Organizations

Put Every Project in its Place with Botify Organizations

13th June 2017Laura ScottLaura Scott

Botify knows that your technical SEO platform needs to match the unique needs of your team. That’s why we created organizations so you can mix and match projects, teammates, and roles to create the customized setup you need for every task you tackle.

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With organizations, each owner can create their own projects, add a group of members, and assign rights to teammates. With this new feature, teams within your brand or agency can work in parallel without relying on a single owner to coordinate their work.


For agencies, this means a new project can be created for each client. Rights are defined for each user so your teams are working together in exactly the way you intended them to. This structured partnership means increased collaboration and simpler communication on shared projects.


Simple brand structures can be defined within organizations by creating a single organization then defining roles for the key members on your team. Take advantage of administrative and guest rights to give the correct access to everyone that works within your account.

However, not all companies are simple. For large companies, an organization can be defined for each subsidiary of the company. Within each of those organizations, teams can be identified and their individual roles defined. That way SEO teams from Ann Taylor and Loft, for example, can manage their own organizations but still stay in the loop (as guests) on progress on their counterpart’s site.

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